Coping With My Child's Eczema

Ever since I started writing about Bubbles' struggle with eczema, I have received many eczema-related emails. Many kind souls have written to share possible remedies, and even more have related personal experiences of coping with eczema. I also receive many emails with eczema-related questions, and have tried my best to respond to all of them.

I am not a specialist on eczema and can only share my own experiences in helping Bubbles, and also information that I have learned in the process (and am still learning).

Today, Bubbles' eczema has mostly cleared, as she adheres to quite a strict diet, avoiding food identified through NAET.  She also uses products that I have written about, and you can read about them the links below. However, Bubbles still gets outbreaks when exposed to dust mites, when she is stressed/ill, or when she eats prohibited foods. Festive seasons where feasting takes place are usually tough on her. However, her rash is much controlled and she has periods where her skin is totally clear.

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