About Me

Hello. I'm Corsage and I live in Singapore.

I am a serial multi-tasker always armed with a list of dream projects I want to fulfill. I have always been a dreamer - thrilled by new ideas, and always seeing possibilities.

I'm married to Roboman - an answered teenaged prayer for a wonderful husband. Together, we have two daughters, Bubbles (2009) and Bun (2012). Motherhood has forced me to accept that life does sometimes require mundane, repetitive, scheduled routines - and that little persons thrive when I provide that stability for them. Still, I'm embracing motherhood with all its perks and challenges, and am now on long leave from work to be with my children. I thank God for this little family He has blessed me with.

This blog is very much a dollop of my life - a peek into my world as a woman, a wife and a mother. It covers the topics of family, food, and healthy living, and a few other tidbits that happen with life! The healthy living aspect is a new area I am covering on the blog, spurred by my daughter's eczema and food intolerances, and my mother's serious illness at the end of year 2013. 

One of the joys of writing in a public sphere has been to hear from people who read my blog. I read every comment and mail even if I am unable to respond to everyone.

You can also connect with me via Facebook, where I post interesting links and blog updates, Instagram for almost daily photo feeds, or follow me via Twitter, which gets feeds from this blog's Facebook and Instagram.

I would love to hear from you!

In 2011, this blog was chosen as a finalist for Best Family Blog at the Singapore Blog Awards. All finalists were asked to turn up for a video interview, or produce one of their own. I chose the latter. 

Here is the little video that describes by my blogging journey up till then. Since this is currently the only video on this blog, I thought I should share it again here!


I value integrity and readers of A Dollop of Me. On this blog and its social media outlets, I have accepted remuneration and payment in kind to write about products and services. There are also some affiliate links in my posts that allow me to earn a commission from the advertisers when you make a purchase. These small monies have helped pay for the management and running of this site, and are an encouragement to me. Do know however, that I only write about products and services that I like and use, and have turned away those that I do not. There are also many other unpaid recommendations and reviews that I have written about, simply because I feel that they are worth sharing. It is of great importance to me that I maintain an honest communication with all who interact with A Dollop of Me. Thank you for your readership!