About Me

Hello. I'm Corsage and I live in Singapore.

I am a serial multi-tasker always armed with a list of dream projects I want to fulfill. I have always been a dreamer - thrilled by new ideas, and always seeing possibilities.

I'm married to Roboman - an answered teenaged prayer for a wonderful husband. Together, we have two daughters, Bubbles (2009) and Bun (2012). Motherhood has forced me to accept that life does sometimes require mundane, repetitive, scheduled routines - and that little persons thrive when I provide that stability for them. Still, I'm embracing motherhood with all its perks and challenges, and am now on long leave from work to be with my children. I thank God for this little family He has blessed me with.

This blog is very much a dollop of my life - a peek into my world as a woman, a wife and a mother. It covers the topics of family, food, and healthy living, and a few other tidbits that happen with life.

I am mostly on Instagram these days, and you can also connect with me via Facebook, or follow me via Twitter, which gets feeds from this blog's Facebook and Instagram.


In 2011, this blog was chosen as a finalist for Best Family Blog at the Singapore Blog Awards. All finalists were asked to turn up for a video interview, or produce one of their own. I chose the latter. 

Here is the little video that describes by my blogging journey up till then. Although much has changed on this space since then, this is currently still the only video on this blog, so I am putting it here for all to see!


I value integrity and readers of A Dollop of Me. On this blog and its social media outlets, I have accepted remuneration and payment in kind to write about products and services. There are also some affiliate links in my posts that allow me to earn a commission from the advertisers when you make a purchase. These small monies have helped pay for the management and running of this site, and are an encouragement to me. Do know however, that I only write about products and services that I like and use, and have turned away those that I do not. There are also many other unpaid recommendations and reviews that I have written about, simply because I feel that they are worth sharing. It is of great importance to me that I maintain an honest communication with all who interact with A Dollop of Me. Thank you for your readership!