Out with the Old, In with the New

2015 has arrived and before too much of it slips by, I wanted to share some thoughts here, after having been away from this space for so long. 

2014 was not an easy year both on the personal front as well as in general, with incredibly devastating disasters and atrocities happening across the world. I have found myself on many occasions being deeply saddened, overwhelmed by despair, or sunken with a deep sense of loneliness. The struggle to find reasons, answers, solutions to things have taken its toll and many times, I have felt like giving up, tempted to forget about always choosing the right and the good, and instead give in to the strongest currents.

Thankfully, I have not been forsaken, and although no one person has been able to be alongside me this whole journey, there have been many dear ones who have given me time and have listened to my heart. To those of you, I thank you, and seek your forgiveness for not having shared more of myself, not because I did not want to, but simply because I somehow could not bring myself to do so. It has been incredibly hard to share of myself even with the closest, and needless to say almost none of this dark side has appeared on the blog. This reticence on my part has made a mark this year, and I don’t quite know what to make of it. 

On this note, I have decided to draw this blog as it is to a close. For several weeks now, I have mulled over shutting it down completely. However, I have now decided to keep it running, for it has been my sidekick for almost 10 years, and killing it might risk a part of me dying. For now, I will no longer be doing anymore reviews or sponsorships, and will likely not attend any more media events.  I have been completely shite at responding to blog emails this past year, and it is time that I start the new year right by being clearer about what this space is going to be.  I would like to thank all my blog partners and sponsors in the past years, for giving us gratifying experiences that we mostly would not have done on our own. Many of these experiences are happy memories in our hearts and minds. This blog will now just simply be a space for me to say my random piece, unfettered by timelines and what-nots, including (hopefully) my annoying perfectionist streak.

From tomorrow (2 Jan 2015), I will closing my life chapter of being a stay-home-mum, and will be back in the workforce. It was one roller-coaster ride coming to this decision and putting things in place to make it happen. For now, I am going to roll with it, and hopefully live to tell my story. 

In this new year, I hope to continue to plug at my “Eliminate and Concentrate” motto, to keep the big picture while working on the small things, and to work at being healthy in mind, body and spirit to run life’s marathon.  

Thank you all for being a special part of my life – and here’s to a better 2015 for everyone!


lilacbutterfly said...

Hugs, Corsage dear! Hope your first day back at work went well. Saw the allotted stationery - I think you need to come to my place for therapy (and supplies) :D Also want you to get fully well soon, if not already!

Jacinta said...

So happy to hear from you again! Have missed your blog posts.

God bless your 2015! Sending lots of love...💝

Ai Sakura said...

Blessed New Year, Corsage!

Pris said...

Oh sooo sad that you're not going to be writing much anymore! But I'll still follow your blog so I can still read what you write whenever u do write!

alldaysbeautiful said...

I have missed your blog posts too, and hope you're having a much better start to the year so far. take care!!

- Cayce (caycewen)

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