Nutty for Nutella Breakfasts (Giveaway alert)

One of my earliest memories of Nutella was watching a friend pile on a huge scoop of the chocolatey spread on a slice of bread. The resulting Nutella sandwich had a layer of creamy spread almost as thick as the bread itself! This friend, as far as I know, still likes his Nutella goodness lathered on bread in generous proportions.

I don't blame him. It is hard to go wrong taste-wise when gooey chocolate is in the picture. Add to this to the wholesome flavour of hazelnuts, it is not difficult to see why Nutella is a popular choice as a breakfast spread, or something to be devoured in scoops...(oops, did I just say that?)

I do like to vary my children's breakfasts, and Nutella has provided a convenient option. It does not need to be refrigerated, taking up no fridge space, and provides that touch of sweetness to brush away the sometimes-morning-blues.

Here is Bun looking very pleased with her share of Nutella:

Nutella Giveaway
Would you like to win for yourself TWO 200g jars of Nutella?
If so, leave a comment on this Facebook post, answering the two questions posted there and leaving your email address.

This giveaway will end on Wed 8 Oct 12 noon, and 3 winners will be selected soon after. Winners will have to collect the jars from the Rise & Shine office.

All the best and have a good one for your next breakfast!


  1. this looks so fave childhood snack..and even now.

  2. Ahhh! Nutella is so good, I casnnot have it at home! Otherwise you'll find me indulging in it with a spoon!

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