Spraying away the sickies with B-Sanitized (Discount Code)

Just look at this little one, enjoying her "kid-sized" ice-cream cone, oblivious to the attention she was getting from other customers around, amused by the intensity of her enjoyment, and dark brown ice-cream smeared all over her mouth and later, nose.

Both my girls inherited their great love of ice-cream from their father. He is most happy to take them for ice-cream treats, not only because he gets to have a treat for himself, but also because he absolutely delights in watching them enjoy the dessert. For myself, the one with the non-sweet-tooth, I love watching my girls eat ice-cream more than eating it!

Bun has started playschool for a couple of weeks, and as expected, she caught the sickies a few times - the usual fevers, runny noses and coughs. Ice-cream was sometimes used as a source of comfort during those periods!

With two children, it is also really handy to have B-Sanitized to chase off the bugs that linger around the house. Young children are known to be least hygienic, and in our home, it is not uncommon to have mucus smeared onto various surfaces (yuck but yes).

You might recall that I wrote about B-Sanitized in an earlier post. Here are photos of the nozzle, that sprays a fine mist with a rather pleasant scent (even for the sensitive nose I have). The spray shoots upwards, from the hole on the top, rather than from the side, so it really feels like you are shooting off the bad guys when you use this! Haha!

So where could you use this spray on? We target taps, door handles and the potty. I also try to use it on the handles of the ride-y toys that go down to the playground with us - the tricycle, bicycle, and the skate scooters.

We use the spray on the items after a quick wipe-down, and leave it on to dry. It is therefore not difficult to maintain such a routine. If you need to use something quickly however, it is best to let the spray stay on for at least a minute or so, and if the item is still damp, you can gently using a piece of cloth to dab on it.

The special promotion is on again for A Dollop of Me's readers!
Use promotional code "corsage" to purchase 2 cans of B-Sanitized for only $72 (U.P. $79.80).

This offer is valid till 30 September 2014, so go shop now in preparation for the start of school again next week!

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