A "My Little Pony" 5th Birthday Party

My beloved firstborn just turned five recently. FIVE. Can you imagine that? I organised a "My Little Pony" birthday party for her, and through all the doing - listing, planning, buying, sorting, baking, decorating - I found myself on several occasions wondering how on earth all those years passed by so quickly.

This year, my little grown-up girl started thinking about her party from the start of the year. She decided on the theme, and gave me a handwritten list of names of schoolmates whom she wanted to invite. It was a lovely, lovely time watching her quietly (and sometimes shyly) enjoying the time with her friends and family.

We set-up a few stations - for hair extensions, making of bracelets, bubbles and Lego. We then played games - pin the tail on the pony, a dress-up relay, and the well-loved pinata. After cake and dinner, I took out some glo-sticks for the children to play with and make bangles - they were a hit as the sun had set and there was a cool breeze blowing. 

This post's few photos give a glimpse of the party, without compromising our guests' privacy. There are many happy faces in the photos that we received, and they will be will treasured. The photos were taken by a young man from my church - a budding photographer who has taken photos for several weddings of mutual friends. He Facebook page is here, and Tumblr here, if you are interested to see more of his work.

Happy birthday my Bubbles. We love you.

Spraying away the sickies with B-Sanitized (Discount Code)

Just look at this little one, enjoying her "kid-sized" ice-cream cone, oblivious to the attention she was getting from other customers around, amused by the intensity of her enjoyment, and dark brown ice-cream smeared all over her mouth and later, nose.

Both my girls inherited their great love of ice-cream from their father. He is most happy to take them for ice-cream treats, not only because he gets to have a treat for himself, but also because he absolutely delights in watching them enjoy the dessert. For myself, the one with the non-sweet-tooth, I love watching my girls eat ice-cream more than eating it!

Bun has started playschool for a couple of weeks, and as expected, she caught the sickies a few times - the usual fevers, runny noses and coughs. Ice-cream was sometimes used as a source of comfort during those periods!

With two children, it is also really handy to have B-Sanitized to chase off the bugs that linger around the house. Young children are known to be least hygienic, and in our home, it is not uncommon to have mucus smeared onto various surfaces (yuck but yes).

You might recall that I wrote about B-Sanitized in an earlier post. Here are photos of the nozzle, that sprays a fine mist with a rather pleasant scent (even for the sensitive nose I have). The spray shoots upwards, from the hole on the top, rather than from the side, so it really feels like you are shooting off the bad guys when you use this! Haha!

So where could you use this spray on? We target taps, door handles and the potty. I also try to use it on the handles of the ride-y toys that go down to the playground with us - the tricycle, bicycle, and the skate scooters.

We use the spray on the items after a quick wipe-down, and leave it on to dry. It is therefore not difficult to maintain such a routine. If you need to use something quickly however, it is best to let the spray stay on for at least a minute or so, and if the item is still damp, you can gently using a piece of cloth to dab on it.

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This offer is valid till 30 September 2014, so go shop now in preparation for the start of school again next week!

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September is upon us. How has everyone been?

I have been trying hard not to reply with the word "busy" whenever I am asked a question about how I am. Yes, there has been a lot to do - preparing for and attending the Singapore Blog Awards (that was awesome, you should read the post about it if you haven't already!), meetings with potential work bosses, exploring pre-schools with daycare facilities, preparing for Bubbles' birthday party, taking mum out on her birthday, and learning to solo parent more often, now that Roboman is onto a new job with more frequent travel.

Recently, I absent-mindedly parked by car at the side of the carpark at our apartment, waiting for someone. I did not realise that my car was at an angle that made it challenging for another car to park. Before I knew what was happening, a neighbour, a man, rapped at my window and told me off. I was shaken and felt terrible, and the word "preoccupied" somehow popped into my head as an explanation.

My mind certainly has been preoccupied. There is a lot I am thinking about, pondering, asking, figuring out. There are a few more months to go before I head back into the workforce, and there is a lot to sort out within this time. It is an emotional time for me, but unfortunately also a very private type of emotion that I am unable to fully express, and when I try, my descriptions always fall flat compared to the depth of emotions I feel.

Anyway, on to more concrete things:

It is Teacher's Day celebrations this week and we have taken time to paint water colour bouquets for my girls' teachers. My girls were so delighted to distribute the gifts, and it was really heartwarming to watch them receive hugs from their teachers. To all teachers reading this, Happy Teacher's Day! You make a difference.

The one-week September holidays are happening next week. Are any of you going for a holiday? I recently wrote a post on Travel-Friendly Food for Children on petite travellers. For the first time, I deliberately planned a styled shoot for the post. If you can, I would be thrilled if you could pop by to have a look, and I hope you find the tips useful too!

Till the next post, see you on Instagram!