A morning of light, friendship and flowers

Photograph c/o Jasmine of Scissors Paper Stone

If you have seen my Instagram feed last week, you would have noticed a few beautiful photographs of flowers. A few friends and I congregated at the beautiful new home of Jasmine of Scissors Paper Stone to spend some time together.

We were there to chat about some computer technicalities (sort of!), but we were also treated to a beautiful breakfast and an opportunity to each do a floral arrangement to take home. The morning was so very short, as we each had to rush off to pick our children from school, or to run other errands. But a short time well-spent can be so uplifting for the soul.

Jasmine's home is so wonderfully light-filled that I managed to capture some lovely shots of our time there. I leave you with a photo line-up of our wonderful morning:


Unknown said...

SO lovely!! (everything in this post)

Love your dress / jumpsuit too.

Anonymous said...

Really love the light streaming in. What a lovely home.

Unknown said...

What a delightful morning! Flowers, friends and food are good for the soul! You carry off geometric prints really well, love it! ;)

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

L Lee:
It WAS so lovely indeed! I must figure out how to have such mornings more often ;) That romper is one of my best finds from Salvation Army ever!

Yes, and it really made me feel like re-doing my home!

Angie S:
Thank you! I have been trying to update my wardrobe and was so thrilled to find that piece!

Unknown said...

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