People Impact's IQEQ Programme Review & Free Trial Class

A couple of weeks ago, we were invited via Rise & Shine to experience one session of People Impact's IQEQ Programme. Bubbles attended a class that included children from aged 3-6, and I sat in to observe the first half of the lesson. This post is written to share about this programme, and some of our experiences when Bubbles attended the class. (You can sign your child up for a free trial session during the upcoming Rise & Shine Expo. Details at the bottom of this post!)

A morning of light, friendship and flowers

Photograph c/o Jasmine of Scissors Paper Stone

If you have seen my Instagram feed last week, you would have noticed a few beautiful photographs of flowers. A few friends and I congregated at the beautiful new home of Jasmine of Scissors Paper Stone to spend some time together.

We were there to chat about some computer technicalities (sort of!), but we were also treated to a beautiful breakfast and an opportunity to each do a floral arrangement to take home. The morning was so very short, as we each had to rush off to pick our children from school, or to run other errands. But a short time well-spent can be so uplifting for the soul.

Jasmine's home is so wonderfully light-filled that I managed to capture some lovely shots of our time there. I leave you with a photo line-up of our wonderful morning:

Sanitize with B-Sanitized (with a Discount Code)

Sometime ago, I shared about KONK, a great product from Our Lifestyle Shop. Recently, we have been introduced to another product from this same shop, the B-Sanitized Disinfectant Spray.

Families with young children or aged relatives, who want to keep the home as germ-free as possible, especially during bouts of illnesses, may find this a useful product to have. It is not uncommon to hear of family members taking turns to fall sick one after another, creating a seemingly never-ending cycle that is as worrying as it is tiring. B-Sanitized is able to kill viruses, bacteria, moulds and fungi (see here for the EPA Efficacy Kill List), helping to prevent the spread of germs in the home.

2 Ways of Using B-Sanitized:

The interesting thing about this product is that it can be used in two different ways for slightly different purposes.

Half-depress of trigger -  A small amount of B-Sanitized will be sprayed, allowing you to clean small surfaces like phones, keyboards and taps.

Full-depress of trigger - The lock-down of the trigger allows the canister to fully dispense in a very fine mist, and be utilized to fully fog/fumigate all exposed surfaces in the chosen room. When this is done, the recommendation is to leave the room for up to two hours, to allow all the fine mist droplets to dissipate and fall to the ground where they can no longer be inhaled.

B-Sanitized is designed to remove any germs already present, however it also leaves a fine residual antimicrobial coating that can last a few days, providing ongoing protection.

I will be sharing in a later post about our experience in using this product with the above two methods. In the meantime, Our Lifestyle Shop is offering my readers a discount on this product!

One can of B-Sanitized is priced at $39.90.
For A Dollop of Me's readers, use promotion code: corsage to purchase 2 cans for $72 (savings of $7.80). Use one can to clean small surfaces and the other for a room fumigate!

This offer is valid till 30 August 2014. Happy shopping and cleaning!