Review: My First Games - Pylos

When I felt laid my eyes on this game, I was struck by how beautiful it is. I am first and foremost a visual person, and then kinesthetic. When the smooth wooden balls were in my hands, their lovely wood grain and comforting weight were a delight to my senses.

My friend, Pamela of My First Games, and I were meeting up for coffee a couple of weeks after my mother was discharged from hospital after her long illness. The always kind Pam had brought along games that she thought my mother and father would like to play at home, since they were going to be home-bound quite a bit as my mother was still rather weak. Pylos was one of the games, and I have since purchased one set for myself, and another to be gifted to a dear friend soon.

This 2-player game is suitable for older children and adults. Its handy size makes it an ideal game to take along for trips! The basic colours and straightforward rules remind me of my childhood favourite game of Othello! No fancy pieces and pictures, but still loads of fun and friendly competition. The central idea is to aim to place the last ball on the top of the pyramid.

If you follow My First Games's Facebook Page, you will see Pamela's passion in playing games with her three children. It is encouraging to see how she engages each of them in games play, and in the process they learn to follow rules, take turns and strategize, among other skills.

My First Games offers a good variety of games suitable for children of different ages. I have my eye on the popular Spot It!, Froggie Boogie, and Snorta, and recently bought Ticket to Ride Europe for a nephew. Pamela is always very helpful in making games recommendations.

Do pop by My First Games to have a look. It is a great site for picking up games for your children or as gifts!

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Anonymous said...

We were gifted Katamino which I believe is by the same company. I like their built quality and this looks the same as well. Spot It is always a good buy. Fast and fun.