Mint Museum of Toys

I wrote about visiting the Mint Museum of Toys on my day out, and thought to share some photos of what I saw in the museum.

The short visit was enjoyable, and the whole notion of being on my own felt magnified when I realised that I was the only visitor during the time I was there. (It was slightly spooky initially, to be in darkened rooms with dolls staring down!) However, the delightful experience of being able to take my time to read the write-ups and look closely at the exhibits probably did present to me a rose-tinted view of the place, as any place would, given the situation.

Still, for the sake of a light-hearted walk down memory lane, this museum is worth a 30-40 minute visit. I would not recommend it for young children though, as the toys and memorabilia are all encased in glass units - there is nothing to touch or to interact with. The glass casings (that were slightly grimy in some places), and the lighting made photography quite a challenge, and I therefore snapped photos with the intention of showing them to my children, without the additional effort to get perfect shots.

Here are some of the exhibits that caught my eye, see if they jog memories for you too!

There are many, many more exhibits that you will have to see for yourself! The museum also has on its premises Mr Punch, a restaurant and bar for you to grab a meal and a drink, and Mint Shop, a small souvenir shop.

Mint Museum of Toys
26 Seah Street
Singapore 188382
(Next to Raffles Hotel)
Opening Hours: 9.30am - 6.30pm daily
See here for admission charges.

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