Giveaway by Lorna Whiston: Phonics Tales Book Set by Scholastic

If you have read my post on Lorna Whiston's Short Course on Reading and Phonics for Adults, this is a follow-up entry with a nice giveaway.

Lorna Whiston is offering a set of Phonics Tales - 25 Read-Aloud Storybooks that Teach Key Phonic Skills to one reader!

To enter the draw, will you need to do is to go to this Facebook post and leave a comment: "I want this for......pick me!" This giveaway is available to residents in Singapore, and will end on Wednesday 9 July 10pm. One winner will be picked thereafter.

All the best!


Unknown said...

I want this for my 2 yrs old boy. This is interesting and will attract his attention to learn through play. Pick me!

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

Hi Jen!
Thanks for participating in this giveaway! Could I ask you to put your comment on the FB page please? Here is the link:

All the best!

Unknown said...
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Anonymous said...

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