pout's eco.kid and Circle of Friends Review and Discount Code

We were on a beach holiday in Penang recently and we brought along with us a few hair products from pout. We were offered three products to try, and I picked all hair products because those are what  my often-tangled-haired girls need most right now! They like to swim, and have fine hair, so their hair gets dry and so messy. I sometimes joke that they have birds' nests on their heads!

The three products we tried (L-R): eco.kid Daily Tonic Leave-in Conditioner (S$19.50), eco.kid Hydrate Intense Conditioner (S$19.50), and Circle of Friends Kylie's Pre-swim Conditioner (S$28).

I am not sure about your children, but mine really detest getting their hair brushed. It is a chicken and egg problem because when their hair is tangled, it is painful to have it brushed. But then hair does not untangle itself!

Bun also hates having her hair washed, so putting shampoos and conditioners are always an issue at bath time. Fortunately Bubbles is now alright with getting hair washes, so that is one less problem for me. Still, I chose a leave-in conditioner to try because hey, it is just a spray! No more screams at bath-time to get hair nice and smooth!

So here is the result of a couple of sprays on Bubbles' regular bed head. Note that I did not comb or brush her hair after I put on the conditioner. I simply ran my fingers through her hair, and smoothed it down a little when my hands! Not bad, huh? Even Bubbles was impressed when I showed her these photos!

The Hydrate Intense Conditioner is very rich, and great for regular swimmers. It has a mild scent and a thick texture like this:
You may like to know that eco.kid products are certified organic. They are made in Australia and formulated for kids aged 3-12. There are no silicones, sulphates, biocide preservatives, artificial fragrances and artificial colouring. Products are anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-inflammatory.

And how about Kylie's Pre-swim Conditioner?
Our verdict is that it was very easy to use. I simply sprayed it on my children's hair after they were plastered with sunblock on their bodies! The spray comes out as a fine mist, so it was easy to get it all over the hair. It has a slight coconut fragrance.

The product information states that this conditioner helps to protect hair from turning green, breaking and drying. It also contains an exclusive blend of polymers, emollients and Vitamin B5. I found that my children's hair did not have that over-chlorinated dry feeling to it after their swims with this product. I like it, and if they keep up with regular swimming like that do now, I will definitely be purchasing this product when it runs out!

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Happy shopping!

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