Kranji Countryside Farmers' Market

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There are few shopping experiences that I enjoy more than pottering around at farmers' markets! I was thus thrilled when my friend Delphine alerted us about the inaugural Kranji Countryside Farmers' Market organized by the Kranji Countryside Association. Unfortunately, we made it there late (7ish in the evening), and many of the stalls were either closed or closing, with most stalls not prepared for the crowd. A happy problem for an inaugural run, I say!

Coincidentally we bumped into Delphine and her family as they were leaving. Do pop by her blog for better day-time photos of the market.

Although we were not there for very long, we still managed to buy a few things, and Bubbles even got a chance to do some pottery. The people at the stalls were all really friendly, and it was so pleasant just going around chatting with them and looking at all the interesting produce and goods.

I had Bun on my hips for most of the time we were there, so forgive these photos taken with one shaky hand. There was obviously a lot more than I managed to photograph! I particular, I did not photograph any of the fresh produce (as I already have a full fridge at home) but there were many stalls selling those. Do go pay the market a visit to see the stalls yourself if you can, there is still Day 2 (Sunday). Well worth a visit! I am looking forward to this market happening more often!

You can view the list of vendors here.

Kranji Countryside Farmers’ Market
28 and 29 June, 2014 (4pm to 10pm) (But do try to go as early as possible!)
D’Kranji Farm Resort 
10 Neo Tiew Lane 2, Singapore 718813 

Free shuttles will leave from YEW TEE MRT STATION BUS STOP to D’KRANJI FARM RESORT at 4pm, 4.45pm, 5.30pm, 6.15pm, 7pm and 7.45pm. These shuttles will return from D’KRANJI FARM RESORT to YEW TEE MRT STATION at approximately 4.20pm, 5.05pm, 5.50pm, 6.35pm, 7.20pm and 8.05pm.

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