Capturing Kids at Play with Canon Singapore: The ABCDE of Photographing Kids!

Being such homebodies they are, I seldom take my girls to events unless I am absolutely sure that they will enjoy them. When Canon Singapore invited our family to spend an afternoon at Fidgets, I knew that it will be an event that will be a hit for everyone.

While the children were treated to a choice of cupcake baking, arts and craft, or free play at the large indoor playground, the adults had the opportunity to attend a talk by Bob Lee, a photographer and former photojournalist. Canon also provided us a big tea of sausages, pizzas and sandwiches.

Bob was an effective, personable speaker who quickly built a rapport with the group with his funny anecdotes and stories about his family. He gave us quick tips on photographing children, using many beautiful photographs of his own as examples. In particular, most of his photographs were of his only son, for whom both Bob and his wife decided to take on freelance work, so that they could spend more time with him. There were several touching moments when he shared special snapshots of his son, each picture telling an interesting story.

Here's a summary of the photography tips he shared:

His tips for G-Z is to Just Keep Shooting! Indeed :) My greatest takeaway from all of his examples however, was that photographs should tell a story. Most of us already sort of know that, but I am going to try to be able to be more conscious about this in my photography from now on.

After the talk, we were given free reign to enter the Little Baker's Cottage to take photographs of the children at work. Here are some of photos of the cupcake making session:

Thank you Canon Singapore for the lovely afternoon!


Ai Sakura said...

I should remember to use continuous modes too.. that would be very useful for Lil Pumpkin that moves too fast! haha

Ai @ Sakura Haruka

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

Ai Sakura:
I just figured out how to set this on the camera! haha. It really does make a difference!