Our Experience with Gymnademics

Bun recently graduated from Pre-fellow classes at Gymnademics! Here is my first post about these classes, in case you missed it.

I had a look at photos taken during the first few sessions and am able to see the marked increase in confidence that Bun now displays.

All in all, I am happy with her progress and I think her experience in these classes has prepared her for entering drop-off playschool. She is familiar with the check-in process of removing her shoes and placing them in the cubby hole, getting her temperature checked, and putting her water bottle into a box provided. She is able to do all of these things without being prompted and does them with glee. She also knows that the first part of the class is always free play, and will comfortably engage with the materials provided. While she does all of that, I sometimes stay outside the room to chomp down a curry puff for breakfast!

Throughout the term with Gymnademics, Bun showed incredible enthusiasm in going for the classes. She talks about it even on other days, saying things like "just like Gymnademics!" when we come across actions or activities that remind her of what she does in class. Whenever we drive by ARC she never fails to exclaim: "Gymnademics up there! I can see it!" This unwavering enthusiasm alone, to me, speaks a lot about Gymnademics.

In class, Bun also got to be very familiar with the class session flow. This showed me a side of her that I otherwise would not have had the chance to see. She knows what needs to be done before, during and after most of the sessions, and is able to actively pick out objects, use them, and return them. However, we have noticed that towards the last few classes, she started to choose what she wanted to do and what she did not! She particularly did not want to do certain physical movements, preferring to sit far, far away if I so much as tried to make her do it.

Classmate who followed instructions versus Bun sulking in the corner

It was a little alarming for me to see how she could stubbornly stand her ground and refuse to do specific things, but be totally enthusiastic in doing other stuff. Through these times, I was grateful for the teachers who would either encourage her to give her space, depending on their observations of her behaviour. I was also told that she may not be confident in doing certain actions and thus chose not to do them. As her mother, I could see that she was also using the opportunity to exert her preferences, given that I knew she was perfectly capable of doing some (not all) of the things that she sometimes refused to do. But I am glad to have seen this behaviour because it prepares me for what we could possibly expect when she enters playschool! I appreciated the teachers' patience with her through these episodes and it is because of their responses that she sometimes did relent and eventually participate.

Compared to the beginning of the term, Bun clearly has increased confidence in doing the circuit. From needing her both hands to be held, she is now able to do most of the circuit without having her hands held, with only one segment requiring some light holding.

Her greatest improvement however, is her confidence on the trapeze! From crying during the first lesson, to running to get her turn mid-way through the term, to being able to grip tightly enough to swing her own weight, she is come a long way! Just look at her glee!

In the last couple of sessions, simple craft activities were included in the session. Bun enjoyed these very much, and would take time to peel backings off stickers, use glue and stick things together etc. She showed pride in her completed works and would always ask if she could bring them home (of course she could).

Did you know that Gymnademics has just started classes in Mandarin too? You can call (+65 62590307) to ask for details!

It is with some sadness that Bun has ended her stint at Gymnademics because we will be traveling in the next month, and she will be starting half-day playschool in July. She still talks a lot about it, sings the "Clean up" song, and asks to see photos of herself in class (she will then point out her teachers and refer to them by name!). Our time with Gymnademics will always be made up of happy shared memories for us.

If you are looking for a class for your young child to attend, do give Gymnademics a try - there are trial classes available!

Thank you Gymnademics for Bun's classes!

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