Bun's 2nd Birthday "I Wish That I Had Duck Feet" Party

My baby is now 2! We celebrated her birthday last weekend and it was a blast. I had many sappy moments leading up to her party, not quite wanting to believe that the littlest in our family is no longer a baby.

We had a small party arranged for her held next to the pool in our estate. It was made up of immediate family, and friends that we see most often.  Arrangements for the party was done really last minute, starting from around 1.5 weeks before the party. I was spurred on when I finally picked a theme, thanks to the suggestion of a fellow mom, who asked me what Bun's favourite book was!

I am so happy to share with you about Bun's "I Wish That I Had Duck Feet" party, based on the book by Dr Seuss, one of her favourite titles right now!

The party was dressed in happy yellow, blue and orange. Bubbles was the sweet big sister who was an enthusiastic help. She made the "Welcome" sign all by herself and I had it displayed on a stand (next to a duck figurine) for all to see.

I was really thankful for the cool and breezy weather that evening, after the heavy rains in the morning. Bun was a happy birthday girl at the party. She clearly enjoyed the company of the people she knows best, and was either wide-eyed with wonder, or running around with excitement. We had scooters and a bicycle for the children to zoom around in, and a friend set up a booth for temporary tattoos to entertain the kids with while we waited for guests to arrive.

Each one of our little guests went home with a customized goody bag. Every bag contained an old school paper ball (the kind you have to blow up yourself), a bottle of bubbles, and either a book or a puzzle toy. I had ordered candy too late, and so none of them arrived in time for the party! Thankfully we had a pinata stuffed with candy, to make up for the lack of sweets in the goody bags (the horror! ;)).

Do look out for the next few posts about cake, food and party activities!


Anonymous said...

Sweet! The pops of yellow really make it so cheery. Did you hire someone to take photos? :)

Unknown said...

Love the colour palate you chose for the party! Happy happy shades!

Our LifeStyle Shop said...

Happy Birthday, Bun!

Lady J said...

Happy sweet birthday Bun! She's adorable and looked like she was having a good time at the party! :)

Unknown said...

I love book-inspired parties. So meaningful! Happy Birthday Bun!

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

Yes I loved how the Yellows turned out! Photos were all taken by my sister and my MIL :) No hiring of photographers this time. But they did an awesome job don't you think? I think having the party outdoors in the late afternoon sun helped a lot!

L Lee:
Thank you! I am very partial to yellow these days and was glad to get the chance to use the colour!

Our Lifestyle Shop:
Thank you babe!

Lady J:
Thank you! She had a grant time indeed :)

Jasmine Koh:
I am glad I was given the idea to use her favourite book! It really inspired me!