Bun's 2nd Birthday Party: Activities & Games

Now that I have planned and executed a few birthday parties, I would like to think that I am more experienced and less likely to over-do things! This round, I not only kept the games and activities short, age-appropriate and fun, but also chose to do things that were easy to prepare.  

These were the activities we did: 

1. Dramatic Story-telling

To start off with the "I Wish That I Had Duck Feet" theme, we started with story time! I had the children sit on a picnic mat, and held up Bun's favourite book. If you are familiar with the story, you will know that it features duck feet, deer horns, a long, long tail, and a whale spout.

My grand plan was to make/source enough duck feet, horns, long noses, tails and spouts for all the children to play dress-up with as the story was being read. Alas, I realized quite quickly that I did not have enough time to make all of that, and on that very day, I made do with some items we had around the house!

My SIL had helped to cut out several pairs of "duck feet" out of paper. I simply distributed them at the beginning of the story and some children automatically placed them on their feet! I used cardboard rolls from kitchen paper the long, long noses, and gave out a few reindeer horned hairbands for the "deer horns". I completely forgot about the long, long tails, but the children didn't seem to mind (phew).

The big hit was the whale spout. I had thought about all sorts of possible contraptions to make, but due to the lack of time, I did not get to make anything. Instead, when I got to that part of the story, I whipped out a water spray (the kind you use when you iron clothes), to spray all over the children! They LOVED it and kept interrupting the story with "more spray please!". It was fun!

2. Pass The Parcel

This well-loved game was decided on because Bubbles asked if we were going to have it. We played the tune "Five Little Ducks", and kept it simple, in a format that I learnt from another party. Instead of having the kids do something when the parcel stopped at them, I had a little small present wrapped into each layer. And, because we wanted the children to be happy, we made sure that every child got a go at opening the parcel, before letting the music stop randomly. Great for parties that involve really little ones! Our winner received a set of Moon Dough :)


3. Duck Food Scavenger Hunt 

We did not get many photos of this game as it started and ended much quicker than expected! I had printed different things that ducks eat (eg. Grass, Fish, Frog etc) on orange coloured paper. The children were told that there were little ducks, and split into two groups to hunt for food. Actually the plan was to get them to go on the hunt while waddling like ducks, but we forgot about the waddling part and they just ran! The winning group got to pick a present each from my little gift bag.

4. Pinata! 

For the very first time, we decided to have a Pinata at the party! My children have experienced this at several other parties and love it. Unfortunately I could not find a Duck-shaped pinata, and made do with a Cake-shaped one. On hindsight that was probably a better thing as hitting a "duck" might have been a painful experience for some of the more sensitive children! As always, the "waterfall" of candy that came pouring out of the pinata thoroughly delighted everyone :)

I hope you enjoyed the posts on Bun's 2nd Birthday Party!

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Susan said...

What a fun party this sounded. Like the very fun and funny theme and the choice of colour of your deco too. We haven't had a party for Sophie for a while so this year, we'll fulfill her wish for a theme party.

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

Have fun planning for Sophie's party! What is the theme going to be? Bubbles wants a My Little Pony theme for her 5th birthday in Sept. Let's see if she changes her mind ;)

~Summer~ said...

Happy belated 2nd birthday, Buns! =) Looks like a great party you had and the pinata was great fun, right? Oh wow, My Little Pony themed party, good luck with that! =) My girl wants a Rapunzel one this year!