Going Barefoot

There is something liberating about going barefoot outdoors. My children readily kick off their shoes when they are out playing and it is only recently that I have done so more frequently. When my bare feet are on the ground, something changes inside of me even if only for a little while. A deeper sense of awareness of my being and surroundings is evoked, and the sensations from my soles pull me towards the here and now.

A quarter of the year has gone by and the deadline of returning to work is getting closer. I have started putting some things in place in preparation for new routines and logistical arrangements for when I return to The Office.

Bubbles was as usual hesitant about me going back to work. She thought long and hard about it, and came up with a solution:

"Mummy, I have an idea! How about you work for one month and Daddy be a stay-at-home-Dad, then Daddy works for another month and you be a stay-at-home-Mum? You can take turns! Isn't that a great idea?" She beamed brightly, convinced that she came up with The Solution...

By now, she is used to me going to fits of laughter because of something she has said, and skipped off merrily as I chuckled.

As always, all three of us (Bubbles, Bun and I), kick off our shoes at the playground and do our thing. What joy it is to play barefoot, surrounded by the laughter of my children and enjoying their antics. Knowing in my heart that we are here together, right at this moment called "now", is enough for me to celebrate today and leave the tomorrow to God.


imp said...

I truly hope when it gets to Bubbles' generation, her idea will work. It's certainly seeding. And perhaps we can see paternity leave or sabbaticals more concrete then. It's up to her generation too. Budding policy-maker, make it happen!

fernoftheforest said...

Bubbles is soooo clever!! Hope the return to work will be a smooth and fulfilling one! :)

The Kam family said...

I like Bubbles' solution! Such a great idea, haha!

We often go barefoot too. When we go to a park, we would leave our shoes in the car, and walk round the park all barefooted, it's really great!

Unknown said...

Kids have the best ideas cos to them, anything is possible. Such a lovely age to be! Enjoy your time with them before you return to work.

Unknown said...

Awesome idea.

Hubs and I looked at the tax we were each supposed to pay this year. He was aghast at the disparity, just from the working mum relief.

Going by that alone, if only one parent were to work, it should be me! haha.

Jamie said...

My kids love to kick off their shoes the minute we reach the playground, much to the horror of some other parents around who don't allow their children to do the same. I often have to pretend I can't hear the other children telling their mummies "but how come they can do it?"
So much easier to climb up the playground structures and have fun without shoes i feel!

haifang said...

bubbles' solution sounds like a great idea ! she must have thought really hard to come up with that :) love going barefoot ... much like going without makeup ... and being close to nature :)

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

Oh, when it comes to her time, I certainly hope things will be different! The paternity leave we have at present is quite a joke. That said, it will take a lot more than policymakers to make the change. This Bubbles for one has declared that she does not want children because they are "too much work". But I must say I have enjoyed my children so much that I will likely be that annoying mother who might just (maybe?) bug her to have kids of her own. *runs and hides*

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

Thank you! I wouldn't be till next Jan but the way time is flying it will be tomorrow before I know it!

The Kam Family:
Oh I only allow them to go barefoot at playgrounds and parks that I approve of. Haha. I have seen broken beer bottles at some places and those really freaked me out!

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

Indeed so! And yes I am treasuring the time I have now, and learning to just be with them, uninterrupted, and to let unimportant things go so that my time with them is protected.

L Lee:
Haha, and I am sure you wouldn't have a problem with that! I have either been working part-time or on no pay leave since becoming a mother, so the relief hasn't been that obvious!

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

I know what you mean! I also let my kids crawl all over the place before they could walk and you should have seen the looks I received! But I am all for exploration in a controlled environment like that and I agree that it is easier to do stuff without shoes on.

Without make-up! I am increasingly less able to do that, I've noticed. Oh dear. I think it is the age catching up!