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I have recently been introduced to CUBSOFJOY, an online shop started by a mother and a father who have twin boys of their own and another baby on the way. The shop carries a curated range of products selected based on their safety, innovativeness and practical use.

Currently many of their products are catered to younger children, like these really cool customizable pacifiers, and SippiGrips.

There are however, a number of items for mothers too (check out these Mother's Day gift sets), and for older children.

CUBSOFJOY sent us one of their best sellers, theses Squeez'Ems, to try out:

These are fun, re-useable food pouches that you can fill with your favourite liquid-based snack - stuff like purees, juices, milk, or yoghurt. I filled a Squeez'Em with what I had on hand - Bubbles' favourite chocolate flavoured organic soy milk. It was very easy to use - just unscrew the large cap to fill it up. I popped it into the freezer to harden, and took it out just before heading out to pick her from school.

She was thrilled to see her favourite beverage packaged into something fun like that, and immediately asked to try it. The slushy milk could be slowly squeezed upwards and savoured, reminding me of the flavoured iced-lollies of my childhood that came in long plastic casings!

Have a look at this video to details about how the Squeez'Ems work:

CUBSOFJOY also sent us this very practical SplatMat, that we now place under Bun's highchair:

It is such a sight for sore eyes considering how I used to put newspaper there to protect the floor from all the food that she drops (and throws!). The mat has been a breeze to clean. Being light-weight, it is easy to fold and put away till needed too. Because it is so light and folds to a small size, I think it will be great as a picnic mat as well and plan to use it soon for that purpose! It will easily fit into a diaper bag.

CUBSOFJOY is giving you 10% off your order with discount code "dollop10off"!

This discount code is good for all products except for the Mother's Day gift sets (they are already heavily discounted), shoes and items on sale. This offer is valid till 30th May 2014. (Thank you CUBSOFJOY!)

Happy Shopping!

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