Drawing with the ALEX Desk To Go

We have been having a drawing fever in the house, and I can't be more pleased about it. Bubbles took a long time to grasp a pen correctly, as her doctor predicted, due to her overly loose joints and subsequently eczema-ed skin. Now that she has caught up with pen-holding, she spends so much of her time doodling - drawing all sorts of interesting pictures and stories from her 4yo imagination.

The picture above shows them doodling during a visitation during Chinese New Year, on notebooks given by the hostess.

Being a second child who absolutely loves to imitate her sister, Bun took to drawing like fish to water. She favours the skinny regular pens and pencils, as opposed to their fatter cousins made for small hands like hers!

Given this drawing bug, I am so happy with my discovery of the ALEX Desk to Go. I bought two some time ago and only took them out quite recently.

The Desk to Go is a little portable desk that is cushioned at the bottom for a comfortable rest on a child's lap. It comes with two handy zippered pouches for pens, crayons and markers, and four elastic bands to hold paper in place.

We love it especially for car-rides, and have also taken them for outdoor outings as it is lightweight and easy to wipe clean.

A gift idea for little doodlers!

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