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Now that the Chinese New Year festivities are over, and my mother is increasingly getting stronger, I am trying to get our lives back to some normalcy. This means prodding the household engine back to cruise mode, weaving in some social life, working on this blog, and plunging into projects that have been put on hold.

Sometime last year, I was invited by My Art Studio to take Bubbles to try out their school holiday programme. As we were unable to make it, we were offered a regular art session to try out. The lovely people at the studio extended the invitation to a number of my blogging friends too, and made it one fun arty gathering.

My Art Studio was established with the vision of nurturing children in the areas of innovation and creative expression through the art making process. It is one of the few MOE-registered private art schools that offers art classes to a number of primary and pre-schools in Singapore.

The Learning Palette, developed and used by My Art Studio, integrates the best practices of both early education and art education. It is built on the theory of multiple intelligence, and children are exposed to a variety sensorial experiences through different techniques and a wide range of materials. Themes are well-known artists' techniques are also introduced to help children develop an appreciation and expressiveness for visual arts.

During our session, the children were first introduced to line drawings and were asked to draw a picture of themselves without lifting their pens off the paper, in an unbroken line. They later progressed to sketching what they wanted to paint as a draft piece, before moving on to the actual canvas. I liked the idea of doing a draft, a concept I have not thought to introduce to Bubbles.

Bubbles was so engrossed throughout the process, and was pretty much in her own zone for most of the session. She did not even notice me taking photos of her till much later!

After painting their masterpieces, the children took turns to use a hairdryer to dry their paintings. They really enjoyed doing this too!

Bubbles was very pleased with her picture. For some reason she insists that she was drawing me, although it was supposed to be a self-portrait!

Here is class's art gallery! It is interesting to see the differences between the top and bottom rows - done by the younger and older kids respectively! Can you guess which one is Bubbles' without looking at the next photo?

......And so, this is a picture of me, yellow teeth and all (it's the coffee, I tell ya!), proudly held up by my daughter :)

Besides catering to children, My Art Studio offers art jamming for adults (I want to go for this!), and also conducts corporate events.

They currently operate at two locations. We were at the beautiful one at Bukit Timah Old Firestation, surrounded by lots of greenery!

Thank you My Art Studio for the lovely experience!

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