The KONK Review: Bring on the CNY Goodies!

Chinese New Year is around the corner, and many homes are filling up with a variety of Chinese New Year tidbits. Our home has several bottles of pineapple tarts, butter cookies and the like, and we have already been sneaking bites of them.

But what do Chinese New Year cookies have to do with an insect killer? In particular, the KONK® I Flying Insect Killer

I owe everyone a review that I said I will do, a long time ago, in this post

Just as a quick recap, we were having a problem with cockroaches in our kitchen, and I was hoping that this product will help. As it turns out, soon after I wrote that post, we also had a seasonal run of mosquitoes that appeared in our home every evening.

As you can imagine, I wanted more than ever for the KONK to work, and had hurriedly set the product up. Two weeks later, we were still facing a cockroach problem, and the mozzies were attacking me every night. I was frustrated, and wondered why the product did not work for me, when it had for so many others, including people I personally know. At one point, Roboman told me straight that the product did not work, and went out to buy one of those mosquito killer bats that look like small racquets. (For someone with poor hand-eye coordination like me, using those things in the tiredness of nightfall was not fun!)

Finally, after being bitten for the umpteenth time and having our cleaning lady freak out at a cockroach scuttling across our kitchen stove, I sat down to open the KONK machine up. 

What I saw made me lie belly up laughing, before feeling very, very embarrassed - the brand new battery inside was still wrapped in its plastic casing! Don't ask me how I did not notice it. Me, instruction manuals and gadgets have never been best friends! I gingerly removed the plastic, and set up the machine again. 

What happened after that was almost magical. The cockroaches disappeared really quickly, in a matter of 2 days or so, and the mozzies stopped attacking me as long as the trusty KONK was in the room I was in. The product works, and works very well indeed. 

As a testimony, I personally bought another 2 more sets to use, and will be bringing one along with me for our trips up to KL, where I tend to be attractive new blood to the mosquitoes at my in-laws' home. 

And so, what does this all got to do with Chinese New Year cookies?

Well, Cookies = Crumbs = Ants

However, with our KONK machine buzzing over crumbed areas, ants have been scuttling away. I am very pleased. But I promise you that I do try to sweep up crumbs. I do. 

Munch, Crunch, Burp.

Thank you, KONK® I for being so awesome, and My Lifestyle Shop for introducing it to me!


Unknown said...

Laughing out loud about KL mozzies liking "new blood"!

Lovely review, S. It really helps to have something to take care of the undesirables, so we can feast away!

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

L Lee:
Haha, it is true though! They love to attack me!