Enjoying the Year End School Holidays

This week marks the "proper" start of the school holidays for us. Bubbles was attending holiday programmes in the past two weeks, including one at Kids Gallery that she really enjoyed and I was impressed with. I came across Kids Gallery by chance, and am glad that I did. Here's a review another mother wrote about the programme. Her daughter attended the holiday programme too, but on a different week.

I intentionally kept December free from scheduled programmes just so that Bubbles, Bun and I can hang out doing day-to-day things without having to rush around like we normally have to do. We are a family of homebodies by nature, and slow mornings are extra lovely to us.

We hang out at the playground when we can (but boy, has it been raining!), and I have pulled out art materials for lots of doodling and drawing both indoors and outdoors. Our big bathtub has also been getting a lot of use, with longer time allocated for soaks and water play. My children get the spa treatment too as I add sea salt and essential oil to the water!

Without having to do as much driving in the day, I have even managed to begin reading this book that a dear friend surprised me with. (I am really liking it, by the way. The author has written to my heart.)

Another big thing we have done is to move Bun into Bubbles' room! Major change. The room now has a toddler bed AND a single bed. Bubbles likes the smaller bed so much that she has decided to sleep on it! Fortunately this has worked out for us as Bun still wakes up 2-3 times a night and having her on the single bed means that I can more comfortably lie down to pat her back to sleep.

Does our holiday sound boring, you think? Well, we do want to go to the Zoo at some point, and there will be our usual trips to the libraries and maybe a small handful of play-dates. There's also a holiday up north to visit my in-laws in the plans. Let's see how everything pans out!

Happy holidays to all!