Kitchen Exploits | Family Favourites #9: Easy Chicken Rice

Chicken certainly is a versatile and popular choice of meat. I absolutely adore Chicken Rice, and miss it especially much now that we no longer cook chicken at home due to Bubbles' allergies. I'm sure this recipe is going to go down well with many!

In this week's Family Favourites, Sherie of Maamaameemoo shares with us how to cook up this local dish in a cheat, easy way! Sherie is am amazing mother of three boys who are all training up to be able helping hands in her home. She bakes and cooks so effortlessly, and has been an inspiration to me since we got acquainted during the Singapore Blog Awards 2011.

Welcome, Sherie!

:: We all know how time consuming is to make the authentic Hainanese Chicken Rice and usually we the busy mummies don't bother, unless we have help from family members or our helpers. With just $2.50 a packet, I would rather tabao to be honest. Hurhurhur.

When I came up with this cheat Chicken Rice recipe, I know I don't have to tabao anymore whenever the family craves it. Moreover, it's one pot meal. So convenient, so easy, and it probably costs less than $8 for this pot of dinner (and it's free range chicken at that!) that serves 5.

With zero chicken fats needed, you can be rest assured that your dinner is also healthy and no less delicious. Of course, if you're shunning long grain white rice, feel free to substitute with any rice that you're currently using.

Hope you find this recipe handy dandy as much as I do! :)

Easy Chicken Rice 
a handful of chopped garlic 
5-6 shallots, chopped 
5-6 slices ginger 
5-6 pandan leaves 
2 cups long grain rice, rinsed and washed 
3-4 tbsp olive oil 
1.5 tsp sea salt 
1 and 3/4 cup of chicken stock/ water 
4-5 chicken thigh, marinated with few pinches of salt for at least 30 minutes 

Sauce (optional):
few dashes of sesame oil 
1 tbsp light soya sauce 

Garnishes (optional):
cilantro or spring onion
  1. Heat up oil in your designated pot or pan. Stir in both chopped garlic and shallot. Fry till fragrant and almost golden brown. 
  2. Add in rice. Well coat it with the garlic and shallot oil. Mix the salt together with water before pouring it in. Arrange slices of garlic and pandan leaves on the bed of rice before adding in the chicken pieces. Cover. 
  3. Using the lowest heat, let the rice cook for at least 20 minutes until the rice has absorbed all the chicken stock/ water. Meanwhile, mix your sauce. 
  4. Serve immediately once it is cooked but not before topping it with cilantro or spring onion and the sauce. 
  5. Enjoy! ::


Unknown said...

Chicken Rice is Dana's fav hawker food and she would request for this without fail whenever we eat out. Thanks for this 'quick cheat' recipe. I shall endeavour to reproduce it for the family one day! :D

Ai Sakura said...

my goodness that looks so sumptous! We all love chicken rice too.. thanks for this!

Ai @ Sakura Haruka

June said...

Lovely! Gonna try this! Thanks Corsage and Sherie! :)

mummybean said...

Wow, it sounds almost too easy. Definitely going to try this!

Unknown said...

Such a great idea. I hope to try this soon.

Anonymous said...

I tried this! I needed more water for my rice though. But it was tasty!!

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

So glad that this is a popular recipe!

Yay, thanks for sharing. Glad you got a taste of a local favourite so very far away from our sunny shores! Take care, you!