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Last week, I cooked the exact same thing for lunch five days in a row. It was a flavourful and nutritious lunch - A rice porridge cooked with a rich broth, with seasoned minced pork and a medley of vegetables. Truth to be told, Bubbles requested to eat it every single day. Still, it shows just how uninspired I have been in the kitchen, even though I have been faithfully dishing up good, clean food for my family.

I was therefore quite delighted to attend the launch of ToTT's new cookbook "Best Brunch Ever - Delicious Morning Recipes to Savour", together with the presentation of ToTT's new e-store

Best Brunch Ever is a visually captivating cookbook that features 24 recipes contributed by 8 well-known chefs in Singapore. I hardly ever attend media events sans kids, and never before on a weekend, but I really looked forward to watching seasoned chefs in action, and to see recipes come to life. We were treated to demonstrations by four of the 8 chefs featured in the book: Dan Segall (Fat Cow, Kinki, Bedrock Bar & Grill etc), Antonio Facchinetti (Prego), Nicolas Joanny (Nicolas Le Restuarant), and Chi Quang Trinh (Addictions Cafe and Remedy Bar).

We were treated to tasting portions of Cornbread Wedges and Bacon Jam (the bacon jam is seriously good!), a super easy-to-prepare Spaghetti Piccanti, Eggs 'a la coque' that were as delicious as the beautiful way they were presented, and Bahn Cuon, a yummy Vietnamese street food that I loved eating when I was in Hanoi for work. I was impressed with the food and enjoyed every bite (feeling a tad guilty that I left Roboman to mind the kids). The guilt will give me the push to make the same stuff at home for him!

The cookbook retails for only $12.90, and I have been telling friends to just grab a copy. I love it that it showcases brunch ideas from across different cuisine types, including "The Great Singapore Breakfast" by Chef Eric Low, featuring homemade kaya and old school rojak. For me, I am going to pen down the ingredients for some of the recipes to try out at home, starting with the bacon jam!

I would also like to share some features of the new
- Over 1,500 products for a complete online store experience.
- Free delivery with purchases above $200.
- Linked with FB Connect, allowing you to sign in with your Facebook account.
- Includes a Wishlist feature where you can create a wishlist of products that you can share with others. (Great for use as a gifts registry of sorts!)
- Has a detailed Product Comparison feature that includes information about similarities between products chosen to be compared, empowering you to make a more informed decision before you make your purchase.

Considering how so many people shop online these days, I think it is fantastic that ToTT has launched this e-store. Now, excuse me while I go browse the site while the kids sleep!


Anonymous said...

YAY! More places to shop online!

- Debs G @ Owls Well

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

Debs G:
Haha, yes. Sure beats having to lug purchases home too!