Family Trip to Hong Kong: Where we ate at

Travel to Hong Kong is often about the food. For us, we had a rough itinerary that revolved around places we wanted to eat at. None of us were fastidious about having to tick foods and places off the list, although a friend did wake up extra early one morning to get a bite at the Australian Dairy Company. We skipped it the day before because of the long queues.

Just for the trip, we decided to go easy on Bubbles' strict diet of no gluten, chicken, eggs and milk. I was really tensed about this but felt that it will be terrible for her to be restricted during a holiday like this. Thankfully, we have been told that she is now a lot less allergic to gluten and milk before the trip, so she ate those freely. I tried not to order chicken dishes, and she did not want to eat eggs on her own accord. 

Dim Sum in most regular restaurants in Hong Kong is very reasonably priced. We randomly went to a large restaurant along Nathan Road, ordered A LOT of food and was surprised that the bill came up to about S$10 per head! A similar restaurant in Singapore would set us back at least S$30 per head for the same quality of food. Unfortunately, we forgot to take photos or to note the name of the place. We were too busy watching our little ones!

A business associate of Roboman made a reservation for us at Yung Kee, famous for its roast goose and century egg. The eggs were really mouthfuls of wobbly goodness, and you can opt to buy them vacuum packed to take home! Bubbles really loved the roast goose. I have always thought goose meat tastes like a milder version of duck and would not crave for it although I know of people who do!

Another well-known place we visited was Tim Ho Wan. We have not been to the outlet in Singapore, as we are not keen on queuing for a long time just to eat. This trip, a local friend went to the eatery early to get a seat for us. Still, we weren't allowed in until our entire party turned up. The food was good, beyond doubt, but the wait, crowds, and the cramped seating without the availability of high-chairs made it a meal that was not so enjoyable. Nonetheless, it was really lovely to catch up with an old girlfriend whom I have not seen in yonks!

I would also like to share about two little eateries we discovered at IFC mall. We somehow ended up hanging out in this mall quite a bit, once when a few of our kids were napping!
We stopped by at Panino Giusto for a snack and coffee. It was a totally random choice. We were tired from walking, kids were napping, and we just wanted a place to sit and tank up. My parma ham - crazy girlfriend ordered a platter of ham with panini. It was SO GOOD. Like seriously. I am not particularly a fan of parma ham but this was really tasty. The panini bread was also done perfectly. Warm, with a lovely combination of crisp and chewy. It came served with a cottage cheese dip that was delicious too. After tasting this, we had to order another platter and ration out portions for the kids! This eatery is situated near a large outdoor garden/balcony area that overlooks the harbour. Our kids enjoyed running about there, enjoying the cool winds.

On another day, Roboman and our girls stopped by Fuel Espresso, after being told that it does great coffee. It was a nice, quiet place to enjoy some caffeine while resting on comfy seats. I did like the hot latte I ordered very much. We got a hot chocolate for Bubbles, which she LOVED. It was a real treat having that and being off her allergy-related diet. I also whipped out our usual snacks of dried fruit and nuts, and Bun too, was happy.

Unfortunately I wasn't so trigger happy on this trip, and didn't take a lot of the food we did eat, unlike our last trip to Hong Kong. I am therefore unable to remember names of places we went, or even exactly what we ate! I guess I need to be more mindful the next time we visit Hong Kong. Where and what to eat on a holiday are useful resources to share!


imp said...

Heard of the Austrlalian Dairy Co but never thought about it. Only just clicked on that link and went Ohhh. They're not serving the type of food I assumed they would. Hahahahaha.

Susan said...

How did you like Australian Diary Co? I loved their scrambled eggs and had them for breakfast twice.

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

Hahaha, what did you think they would serve? I heard all about their eggs and wouldn't have mind trying, if not for the queue!

I didn't get to try in the end! We just could not queue for such a long time with all the kiddos hungry. We were elsewhere when our travel mates dapao-ed so we missed out. Perhaps next time!