Family Trip to Hong Kong: Nathan Hotel & Disney Hollywood Hotel

When I travel, I am not particular about where I stay. I am usually happy to leave accommodation choice to my travel companions to decide - be it family, friends, colleagues or business associates. As long as I get a clean bed and a warm shower, and am not stuck somewhere far from everywhere we want to see, I am happy. I think my outdoor camping experiences as a schoolgirl, where we slept in mosquito infested tents and had holes in the ground as toilets, have made me quite easy to please when it comes to where I temporarily need to sleep!

This trip was no different. I had no idea which hotels we were going to be at, until a few days before the trip. Thankfully the friends are quite practical. We stayed at Nathan Hotel, that is located right in the heart of Kowloon, along busy Nathan Road. It is a walking distance from the Jordan MTR station, to-go places like an Australian Dairy Company eatery, and the various markets in Mongkok, including the Ladies Market and the Flower Market. Being an older hotel, its rooms are also a larger than newer hotels in a similar price range. Some of the floors have been upgraded too so the rooms are nice and new. We were blessed to be bumped up to stay in a suite, where we had a sitting area as you see in the photo above. It was a particular cool evening and our kids were all in hoodies! (That's Bun in a FOX Baby outfit!)

Bubbles, being used to resort-type holidays, was a little confused as to why the hotel had no pool, and no buffet breakfast! But yes, I suppose this is the type of hotel we want to stay in while in Hong Kong, to leave room for roaming the streets and eating from the various must-eat establishments!

We next moved on to stay at the Disney Hollywood Hotel, which honestly exceeded my expectations. Have a look:

We explored the sprawling hotel grounds while waiting for our room to be ready. Coming from the congested city, it was nice, especially for the kids, to be in a big open space. In fact, it got Bun so excited that she ran and bloodied her chin, horrifying her poor mother. Bubbles enjoyed the castle themed playground, and Roboman amused himself by checking out some of the classic cars on display.

The sea-view room we stayed at was beautiful. It felt bright, clean and fresh, and had adorable Disney touches everywhere. Check out the cup with Mickey ears in the bathroom! That held toiletries like toothbrushes in individual cases. Of course I had to bring the cup (and its ears) home!

Disney Hollywood Hotel is cheaper of the two hotels at Disneyland Hong Kong. I haven't been to the other, so I cannot compare, but I will happily come back to this hotel if we ever go again!

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