Family Trip to Hong Kong: The Flight

When we were parents of only one, traveling was not difficult. Bubbles was one of those babies who took to her car seat and stroller like fish to water, and could easily sleep in any moving vehicle. When she grew older, she could always stay in her seat for long periods of time, content to do simple craft work, listen to stories being read to her, or simply to chat with us. Give her milk and her bolster and she will be a dream to travel with. Today, she is happy with a blank notebook and some coloured pencils.

Enter Bun, our gregarious and active second child. One of my earliest moments of noticing the difference between her and her sis was when she was put in the car seat as a newborn. She hated it. "Cry? In a moving car? Let's drive more and I'm sure she will sleep." That never worked. Till today she detests being strapped into anything, and would attempt to wriggle out of any seat-belts if she could. Needless to say, traveling with Bun has proven to be challenging, especially after experiencing dream traveler Bubbles.

This trip, with Bun walking, I had to take her up and down the aisle several times. She stopped to peer at other people, and was interested in other kids. She even found some empty seats to do some swinging off arm rests! She also spent some time figuring out her seat belt, plastered our seats with stickers (that we later removed), and tore up a section of the inflight magazine (which led to Bubbles apologizing on her behalf to the flight attendant!).

We flew by Jetstar, given its affordability and choice of flight times. As usual, Roboman ordered meals for us beforehand - food that kept both kids quite happy. I look forward to flying again when Bun turns two, because that means I will no longer need to be her seat!

How do you keep your energetic little ones entertained on a long trip? (PS: We have a drive trip coming up soon and I am seriously getting nervous!)

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