Cockroaches Beware: KONK Alert

This is where I store stuff like onions, garlic and ginger. In this colander, under my kitchen sink.

Or at least, this is where I now store them. They used to be placed in a beautiful, oval shaped rattan basket, with pretty handles at both ends.

Just last week, as I reached for a piece of ginger, a noticed some movement in the basket. I let out a huge scream when I saw what it was. A family of cockroaches! I spied a GINORMOUS mama cockroach among a sea of baby roaches. We have been noticing little roaches occasionally scuttling around, but that horrendous sight still freaked me out. Cockroaches making home in my pretty basket was totally not what I expected!

Needless to say, dinner prep had to be halted and Roboman came to my rescue. Pretty as my basket was, I cannot imagine putting food in there anymore. The visual memory of that cockroach infestation prevents me from doing so!

A couple of days after that incident, I met up with Su Lin of Our Lifestyle Shop. This online shop carries KONK® I, a non-toxic, natural insecticide that keeps insects like mosquitoes, flies, ants and cockroaches away without harming your family and loved ones. I previously heard about KONK® I's effectiveness from a friend who has tried it, and was eager to get some help to rid my kitchen of cockroaches.

Our Lifestyle Shop gave me the Automated KONK® I Flying Insect Killer Starter Kit to review. This product is registered by the Vector Control and Research Department of the National Environmental Agency, Singapore. It is said to attack insects' nervous systems, including those of mosquitoes, house flies, ants and cockroaches.

I am quite sensitive to regular insecticides - more than once, my eyes have swelled after using regular sprays to kill pests. Knowing that KONK® I's active ingredient is Pyrethrin, a natural extract from the chrysanthemum flower and completely safe for humans, was a great assurance to me. Especially so as it will be used in my kitchen, where food is prepared every day.

In the next 30 days, this machine will regularly release metered doses of CFC-free natural insecticide in my home. Be scared, cockroaches, be very scared. I will be back to report about how this product has worked for us.

You can buy KONK® I products from Our Lifestyle Shop. Join their mailing list and connect with them on their Facebook Page for updates.

From now till 8 November, use coupon code "adollopofme" to get a FREE KONK® I Hand Held Flying Insect Killer worth S$42 with every purchase of KONK® I Auto Flying Insect Killer Twin Pack. You can also quote this code via email if you choose to pay by cash or cheque.
Happy shopping (and KONKing!)


Anonymous said...

Cute name! I also want all my insects to KONK! :De

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

Yeah, it is a great name, isn't it! hehe :)

Kate said...
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Lena Charles said...

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