This girl of mine

This little girl of mine. A little, spunky, endearing doll.

She bestows me with hugs and kisses every day. She laughs easily, and is fiercely independent. She has no qualms about scooting off to join in play with other people, and always wants to do many things on her own, sometimes getting angry with herself when she is not able to.

She now says a number of words, and relishes our responses when we understand her.

She loves insects and animals, and never fails to chase and attempt to hug and kiss any that she sees. 

She is still being breastfed, and asks for "Milk, Peas!" several times a day, and (unfortunately) night.

I am exceptionally sleep-deprived this week because of this dear Bun.

Looks like I need to steel myself from her adorable-ness and start sleep training soon!


Pooja said...

LOL. You don't 'need' to sleep train unless you want to. I suspect if you night wean her and/or fully wean her, you might get the result you are looking for. Do take a look at Dr. Jay Gordon's methodology.

Ai Sakura said...

Aww she's so adorable! :) I would find it hard to resist her charms too haha

Ai @ Sakura Haruka

Susan said...

Yes, agree she's super cute. Actually I'm still sleeping with Sophie despite our efforts to sleep train her. But it's my own fault too as I'm too soft hearted and give in too easily. I also do it for my own sanity so that I can get some sleep if not I'll look like a zombie at work.

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

We have come to the conclusion that the 'want' has become a 'need'! Our disrupted sleep has made us cranky and I have days when I truly am a walking zombie. Her needing to suckle to sleep also means that I have had to skip doing Bubbles' bedtime routine with her, and she (and I) miss it! Thanks for heads up about Dr Gordon, will be checking it out.

Ai Sakura:
Haha, I know. These days she will wake up, cry, then tell me "I cry, mama!" before saying "Milk peas!". HOW HOW HOW!

I initially let it be as I thought I was getting better sleep this way. But now, I think I have to grit my teeth for two weeks so that I can have proper sleep and be more rested to do other important things! But I am not hopeful, as it is easy to give in to tiredness in the middle of the night.