Kitchen Exploits | Family Favourites #3 - Frozen Chocolate Banana Bites

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This week, I am delighted to have Beverly, a fashion savvy mother-of-two, to join us on this Family Favourites series. Beverly loves her family, food, and fashion, and often makes hearty meals for her husband and two little boys.

Here is Beverly sharing with us a quick, yummy, and rather healthy dessert!

:: Nothing stops Singapore's heat and humidity dead in its tracks quite like a chilled dessert. Problem is, most desserts are really sweet or tough to prepare!

These Frozen Chocolate-banana Bites are a total hit in our family because they are just as adult-friendly as they are kid-friendly. You can also make them in a huge batch, and freeze them for ages, whipping one out (or 10) any time you or your kids feel like a quick snack or after-dinner treat.

Here's the recipe!

Put a dollop of smooth peanut butter on a banana slice.

Plop the whole thing into a small bowl of melted gooey chocolate 
(choc chips melted in the microwave with a splash of milk). Coat well. 
Place on a greased baking tray and freeze for at least 3 hours 

Enjoy your Frozen chocolate-banana bites. WARNING: freakin’ addictive!!!!

Additional tips:
  1. Try substituting the banana with small chunks or slices of kiwi as well, for a vitamin-packed dessert! 
  2. I use unsweetened chocolate since I use extra ripe bananas, so I don't feel I need extra sugar. 
  3. You can store any extras in an airtight box, with a sheet of baking paper between each layer of bites. ::


Mum in the Making said...

OOH! This sounds simple and doable, and something my boys will probably gobble up in no time! Thanks Beverly for sharing! :)

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

I love that it is SO doable too! I am so going to do this for our next gathering!