FOX Kids & Baby | Little Men & Little Miss Collection

Say HELLO to my little monkey modelling her new Little Miss Sunshine tee from FOX Baby. She is our sunshine-y, gungho baby :)

If you haven't already heard, FOX Kids & Baby has a range of adorable Little Men and Little Miss outfits. I chose a matching t-shirt for Bubbles too, and she always insists on wearing it when her sister wears hers! They light-weight and comfortable, great for everyday wear.

The kids' tee goes very well with the FOX Kids & Baby range of coloured jeans, like in this photo. Bubbles now has three pairs - in pink, purple and blue! Just in time as she hit a growth spurt recently and her old jeans are now too short.

Now, if you purchase $60 worth of products, you can buy a Little Men or Little Miss plush toy! The toy will only be S$4.90 if you are a FOX member, and $12.90 if you are not.

There are a whole bunch of different characters - FOX gifted us two pink plushies - a Little Miss Princess and a Little Miss Cawaii. We purchased a Mr Strong and a Little Miss Sunshine as gifts for friends too.

And just look at this cute kid in his new Mr Bump outfit!

Go check out the range at the stores soon!


Susan said...

First time I heard of Little Miss Cawaii. Will go check out the Little Mr and Little Miss collection from Fox :)

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

Me too, to be honest! Bubbles picked it as hers and gave the other to her sister! Sophie could pick her own favourite :)