Weekend Workouts

This weekend started off with really sunny weather. We wandered around Rodyk Street, wanting to taste some gluten-free cakes from All Good Things, not knowing that they are temporarily shut. After having a hasty brunch elsewhere, we headed home to escape from the heat.

Unfortunately, a downpour in the afternoon has dashed our plans for a swim with the kids.

I have asked Roboman to watch the kids for a bit, while I sit at the computer typing this, and to do some thinking about the blog.

There are some exciting plans in the works, including a blog re-design and a five month clothing sponsor for my kids. There is so much I have planned, and want to do, but am limited by time. Do you also feel this way with projects that you are working on?

There is a twinge of disappointment when I look the calendar and see that a lot of the year has passed, without having accomplished many of the things I would like to do.

Sure, changes in the home-front has messed things up somewhat, but it is also because I have been choosing to go with the flow of daily responsibilities without forcing time out for disciplined planning.

So here I am, trying to work out and re-evaluate my priorities, and figuring out how to achieve what I hope to, before the year ends.

And oh, two things that just might once again throw me off my plans:
1. Bubbles' 4th birthday next month
2. Our recent discovery of her food allergies

Just this morning, she requested for an "Ant Birthday Cake", specifically with underground tunnels (!), bugs and flies.

So yes, watch this space for a gluten-free Ant Habitat Chocolate Cake.

Anyone offering me a pat on my back in advance? ;)


Unknown said...

Big pat on back!

Don't worry about projects, real life should always take precedence. More regrettable if the reverse occurred! :)

June said...

I agree, sometimes we need to let go a little, not be in control so much. I guess that's where most of life's important lessons take root in our hearts? Still, I hope all goes smoothly for the rest of the blog re-design and planning! :)

imp said...

That's going to be SOME cake! And that seems like all the planning there is between now and Sep. It will be good.

lilsnooze said...

Dont be too hard on yourself. Being able to settle things on the homefront, given the changes, is a huge achievement. We don't give enough credit for being able to set some sort of routine or normalcy for the home, so things can run somewhat smoothly.

Big hugs and pat to you!

Liverella said...

Big pat ;) Many times, focusing on the small joys in life is much more worth it than looking too much on the bigger picture. You are having fun and that's more important.

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

L Lee:
Thanks for the big pat! Yes, to prioritising what is more important1

I am quite a control freak by nature! But I have had to learn to let go so much more since becoming a mother. Am learning to let go and let God, since there are too many things that are out of my control!

I have started tempering her expectations about the cake =P Haha. Maybe just an ant log??

I'm sure you completely understand what it means to manage on the homefront! thanks for the hugs and pat :)

Yes, sometimes I do think and plan so much in my head that I forget to live the moment. Good reminder!