Mooncakes by Oven Bakes

Mooncakes! The season is around the corner, and I spent a morning with a dear friend Rina, helping to photograph her homemade mooncakes for her new bake shop, Oven Bakes. A much older relative has been selling mooncakes from her home for nearly three decades to a small but loyal customer following. Rina is now taking over the business, serving their long-time and mostly older folk customers, and hoping to reach out to a younger customer base as well.

As requested of her, Rina is sticking mostly to the regular products this year, with baked and snow skin selections. However, she has created a special duo-flavoured mooncake that includes Red Bean paste together with the usual White Lotus paste. I hear this flavour has been especially popular with her new customers.

Oven Bakes also offers durian mooncakes, and even some mooncakes with macadamia nuts! Although I consider myself to be rather traditional in my taste for mooncakes, preferring the regular baked mooncakes with lotus paste, melon seeds and egg yolks, I must say that the macadamia nuts ones are oh-so-good.

When she offered me some mooncakes to try a few weeks ago, I enjoyed them so much I was biting right into them (to Roboman's eye-rolling) instead of portioning them out as one usually does. The paste she makes has a nice texture with just the right level of sweetness, and includes a generous portion of melon seeds. Very satisfying, especially if you are a mooncake fan!

If you are planning to buy mooncakes this year, either for yourself or as gifts, do have a look at what Oven Bakes has to offer, and consider buying some tasty homemade ones. No frills, un-fancy, but good! I particularly like the mini mooncake selections, as they look adorable and are so easy to eat.

Oven Bakes offers free delivery to one local address for orders of at least 12 boxes. You can find the Order Information and Price List on their Facebook Page, and they can be contacted at

Oven Bakes will be offering other baked goods for sale in the near future. Like the Facebook Page for updates, or if not, I'll be sure to tell you about it here!


The Chronicler said...

Sounds delicious! My eyes opened WIDE when I imagine you biting into one whole mooncake just like that! hahaha... Gonna try it for sure! :)

Susan said...

Mooncakes!!! My once a year indulgence. My favorite is still the tradtional baked mooncakes. By the way, nice work with the photo styling.

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

Haha, I really did do that! Terrible, huh?! But it was yummy for sure :)

That's my favourite too! The traditional baked ones, with yolks for me. Thanks re photography! I see lots of room for improvement, but it was certainly fun to do :)

Ruth said...

Your photos make the mooncakes look so yummy... and I believe they are :) After trying so many types and flavours, I still find myself gravitating toward the traditional ones. Yes, must have egg yolk too!