MindChamps Reading Program & Child Minding Service

Bubbles and I were offered an opportunity to attend a trial at the MindChamps Reading Program recently. MindChamps offers such trial classes as a way for children and their parents to experience what the program is like, before deciding if they want to sign up for it. MindChamps is also a Rise & Shine partner this year.

Bubbles enjoyed the session that included animated storytelling, craft work and a game.

At the session we were at, there was Bubbles and another little girl in attendance. The teacher used a well-known book, The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle, as the basis for the various activities. It was an interactive and conversational session, with the teacher regularly asking the children questions to test understanding and create dialogue, while giving opportunity for language use. Bubbles, being the chatty sort of person she is, was in her element that day, bobbing up and down answering questions and chipping in comments.

I appreciated the enthusiasm of the teacher and her ability to create a fun atmosphere for the very small class of two. She was also mindful of the two very different little girls she was teaching that day, and took every opportunity to give recognition to the strengths that they each have. Bubbles clearly had fun during the session, and particularly enjoyed the conversations. 

MindChamps Reading is the brainchild of a team led by Brian Caswell, an expert at developing learning, literacy and creativity programs, and author of over 100 books, including The Art of Communicating With Your Child.

MindChamps Reading aims to develop
1. Narrative Intelligence
2. Higher Order Thinking Skills
3. Connectivity
4. Attentiveness
5. Language in Comprehension

The program offers 3 different levels to cater to different reading stages called Joey, Panda and Dolphin. You can read details about each level here.

Prior to choosing a program, children will undergo a comprehensive reading assessment to determine the level that he/she is at, before getting placed in a suitable stage.

After our trial class, I requested for Bubbles to be given this assessment, for me to have an understanding of what it entails.

It was an eye opener for me to see the session being conducted. Not being a language specialist, it was interesting to see where the gaps were in Bubbles' comprehension of words and sentences, along with where she shone. The assessment included identification of letters in the alphabet, pointing out mistakes in words and sentence formation (eg. upside down words, punctuation marks at the beginning instead of at the end of sentences etc), and actual writing of words, among other areas. There are proper terms for each segment of the assessment of course, and I am describing them as a non-expert!

I found the session useful as a mother keen on helping her child progress in her reading. It is definitely essential before a program placement so that the child gets into a class that best caters to his/her current abilities.

If you would like to find out more about the MindChamps Reading Program and Assessment, do contact MindChamps using this form or contact the Paragon branch (where we were at) here:

MindChamps Reading @

290 Orchard Road #06-19/20
Tel: 8332 0020

By the way, did you know that MindChamps at Paragon has a Child Minding Service every weekend? Yes, one that includes story-telling, cooking and gym! You now have a place to leave your kids while you shop! Check out the service here.

(This post is sponsored by Rise & Shine)
This post is sponsored by Rise & Shine)

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