The Conversations sparked by a Curious George book

It has been a while since I wrote about the things Bubbles say. She now calls herself a chatterbox, and has been known to plonk herself at the playground, ignoring the actual play and engaging in conversation with random adults.

Our conversations are getting increasingly interesting (and sometimes exasperating), with me having to answer serious questions like: Why are cigarettes being sold if they are bad for you? or hear her views on what looks good (or not) on me: You look like a LADY, Mummy! or conversely: Don't wear that, Mummy, otherwise I am going to roll my eyes. Come, on!

This scenario I am going to share actually took place soon after her 3rd birthday last year. It has been repeated so many times at gatherings of family and friends, and I thought I had it written somewhere on the blog. Now that I realised it has not been, I just have to note it down.

Curious George's First Day of School
We were at a bookshop looking for two Curious George books that were missing from our collection. We found one, but after combing the shelves, could not find Curious George's First Day of School.

I told Bubbles that it was probably sold out, and that we would have to get it elsewhere. Then, as I turned my back to look at other stuff, Bubbles, who was obviously unconvinced, ran to the cashier.

There, with arms akimbo, she asked:
Is that Curious George's First Day of School book really sold out??

It was a quiet day, and the 2 cashiers and 1 sales rep were clearly amused.

Sales rep: Yes it has

Bubbles: But WHY?
Sales rep: Because no more lor. Never mind I will call you if it comes in ok? (Thinking that this would end the conversation)

Bubbles (after some thinking): Mummy, what is our phone number?
Bubbles (to sales rep): When it comes, don't tell anyone and keep it for me ok?

Sales rep (stifling laughter): Ok sure!

... ...
Think that is the end of the story? Uh, no. Read on...

We made our purchases, and left the shop for an eatery to have our lunch. It was a small eatery that was along one of the corridors of the mall. As we were eating, a middle-aged woman and her elderly mother walked by, and smiled at Bubbles, who perhaps had one of her think-very-hard-earnest-look on her face.

Bubbles immediately popped out of her chair, turned to me and said: Mummy, I want to tell her!

Before I could do anything, she walked up to the two women and said loudly: Did you know, that Curious George book is SOLD OUT??

The younger woman gave me an amused, knowing look and replied: Oh, is that so?

Bubbles: Yes! It is sold out! Are you upset about THAT?

After putting on an admirable show agreeing with Bubbles about the sold out book catastrophe, the woman turns to me and asks: How old is she? Three? (pats me on the back) Good luck, you have a little activist in your hands!


Anonymous said...

She is soo cute! I'm teaching playgroup class and you will get these amazingly lil adults verbal thoughts from those kiddos from time to time... super duper cute and never fail to amuse me :))


mummybean said...

Hahaha, a little activist indeed! I love how bold she is! That really is a moment to remember.

Unknown said...

She is passionate!! I love talking to kids who aren't afraid to speak to adults. So much fun :)

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

You must be enjoying the playgroup class! Kids do naturally have the ability to amuse!

She is really bold when she is in the mood to be. In a way, her boldness helps me open up too. I have spoken to a lot more strangers because of her!

Jasmine Koh:
She is, isn't she? Yes, for adults to actually like talking to kids, she is one kid who is quite fun to talk to. Unfortunately, for adults with less patience or interest, her non-stop questions and comments can be annoying =P