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I have been waiting for this day for a long time.

My dearest sister has taken a year off from work to set up a social business. This is an idea that has been brewing in her head for a long time. She has always been keen on doing some sort of social work where she can use her personal expertise to meet real needs. Some of you may remember Project Spare Attire from two years' back, a one-off project that she helmed.

A lot of hard work has gone into putting this together, with several people generously giving their time and expertise to help. They/We/I would be so grateful if you could help spread the word about Shop For Social 

What is SHOP FOR SOCIAL all about?
Shop For Social is a social business that seeks to support meaningful social enterprises and non-profit organisations through creative marketing and value-add of their products and services. The goal is to raise the profile of these organisations and their championed causes, and to increase sales in order to create a positive impact on the social value chain.

What does SHOP FOR SOCIAL do? will be hosting online sales campaigns showcasing curated products from social enterprises/non-profits.

Selected products from a different social enterprise will be featured every 1-2 weeks.

Through the consolidating of various social enterprises onto the same platform, it would be a one-stop portal for you to purchase products towards the respective causes.

Bun had her first taste in modelling together with some of the products that will be available for sale!
Photo by Elliot of Elliotly
In the works are exciting offline marketing plans via corporate tie-ups. This could include consignment sales, corporate gifts, and corporate social responsibility/sponsorships. will be launched on Monday 22 July 2013. Do take some time to browse and perhaps purchase a few items!

In the meantime, do sign up for their mailing list on the website, or on their Facebook Page.

If you have any questions or know of social enterprises who would like to collaborate with Shop For Social, you are welcome to send an email to:

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