Pampered at Saint Pierre, Quayside Isle

A couple of weeks ago, my girlfriends made a date with me to hang out at The Sentosa for an afternoon, with my girls in tow. With the haze situation, we didn't know if this meet-up will materialize, but I am very glad that it did, as it was a most lovely evening spent.

My girls in particular, enjoyed a dip in the warm pool. Bubbles was also quite taken with the idea that she was once at this resort, when she was still inside my womb! She has also missed seeing Aunty Imp, and before heading for the pool without her, Bubbles made sure that we were going to have dinner together after the swim.

With motherhood, and especially since the arrival of Bun, I have been pretty much confined to the humdrum of domestic, family life; with regular social interactions limited to Sunday lunches with church friends, and online conversations. The nature of such a life is that things just go on, day in and day out. There is hardly time to pause and think, and most of my waking moments are spent either in doing or planning things that involve my children or my home.

We made a difficult decision after our Bali trip, that we felt was important to keep our home a sanctuary. But the result of the decision meant I had to bear a sudden load of domestic chores. (My heart is light although the physical tiredness is building up).

I was therefore ever more thankful that I (still) have friends (without kids) who care enough for me to want to spend a precious few hours with us. This is truly a blessing, and perhaps even a lifeline for me!

Our darling Imp made the dinner reservations and as always had a surprise up her sleeves. She said it was going to be a casual dinner, and although she told us we were going to Saint Pierre, I was so busy that I didn't give it much thought or ask further. Bubbles and I were in flip-flops and were quite grubbily attired. I had zero make-up on, which is a scary thing, given the little sleep I get these days. Despite that, it was a most charming evening.

When Chef Emmanuel Stroobant came by to ask Bubbles what she would like for dinner, I had to admit to my friends later that I was absolutely star struck. Bubbles, on the other hand, basked in the attention, asking for French Fries (of all things!), fish, and vegetables. When he saw her disappointed face as he was explaining that they don't really do French Fries, he agreed to make some specially for her. She perked up immediately and responded to his question of her choice of vegetables by asking for Chye Sim. I burst out in laughter, and was glad when she readily agreed to his alternative offer of baby spinach.

And just look what came out of the kitchen!

Bubbles later drew a picture for the Chef by way of thanks, and he gamely displayed it on the kitchen wall that evening. She later told me that she wants to go back to the restaurant again, and would draw another picture for him if she sees that her original picture is no longer there!

I too was pampered that evening as my friends took turns to mind my girls while I ate. It was such a treat, really! And, I could not resist my first taste of wine in yonks. It was a beautiful Tenuta Guado al Tasso 2000. I didn't know it then, but my girlfriends were watching my wine intake that evening. Not too much, as I haven't had alcohol in a while, and also because I was driving that evening. As I breastfed Bun at dinner, I was curious to see if the wine would knock her out for the night. Well, she woke up twice that night, as opposed to her usual tiresome three times. (Does that even count??)

Thank you, Imp and A, for your love for us, and the loveliest evening I have had in quite a while.

Thank you Chef Emmanuel, Edina and team for charming us all, especially my dear Bubbles.

[Photos c/o Imp]


imp said...

excuse me, we were ALL in flip flops. xxxooo.

mummybean said...

Bubbles plate is the cutest thing! I'm glad you had a lovely day out with friends. It's so important for sanity!

NerdyMum said...

Such a lovely evening! Always great to hang out with girlfriends! (btw I finally had the seared beef sandwich today!)

Love Bubbles choice of veg!

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

Haha you were?? But you know I had in mind one of those eat-in-open-air type of casual eateries! But hugs for the fab evening! xoxoxo

For sanity indeed! Reminding myself though that while the hours are long in child rearing, the years are short.

You did! Where did you have it? Haha, I don't know why she often mentions chye sim! Baby chye sim in particular!