Kitchen Exploits - Slow Cooker Chicken Stock

Our family survives on stock. Or rather, my children do. Both my girls are the sort who eat to live. They don't have big appetites, eat a little at a time, and have strong food preferences.

I therefore try to make sure that the meals they eat are as nutrient packed as can be, and get vitamins into my little girls' tummies by way of stock; usually a meat and vegetable stock. Each week, I make a big pot, and freeze them in small portions for their daily meals. The stock will go into their soups, sauces and stir-fries. To keep things interesting, I switch up the meats and vegetables each week.

Lately, to save myself from having to eyeball the stock pot, I have been using my slow cooker to make stock. I basically dump everything in before I go to bed, set the cooker on low, and leave it to cook till the next morning. I then have ready stock for the day. When the pot cools, I do the portioning, freezing and labeling.

It always feels satisfying to wake up to a hot pot of goodness. The presence of ready-made stock often makes me feel like I have started the week right, and comforted knowing that my babies are going to get the good stuff into their growing bodies.

I try to remember this rough recipe by the quantities of 1, 2, 3 and 4, but I often make changes depending on what I have the fridge too, so don't be afraid to experiment. The great thing about stock is that while it holds a multitude of flavours and nutrients, you can still season and flavour it differently to suit the dishes you add them to. 

Here is my simple chicken stock recipe. I would love to hear how you make your stock too! Do you use a slow cooker as well?

Slow Cooker Chicken Stock
 1 chicken carcass - I like to use one from a roast. Like this one.
(or you can use 2 chicken breast bones)
1 large onion
2 carrots
3 sticks of celery
4 cloves of garlic
  1. Chop up chicken carcass.
  2. Peel and chop all other ingredients.
  3. Layer the ingredients into a slow cooker, with the chicken carcass right on top.
  4. Pour boiling water over the ingredients, especially the chicken carcass, until everything is covered.
  5. Set slow cooker and slow for 8-10 hours.
  6. Let the stock cool. Drain with a sieve. Portion for use.
Easy Chicken Curry Puffs
Chicken Curry (leftovers - bought or homemade)
Frozen Prata (like these) or ready rolled puff pastry
Hard-boiled Eggs cut into 6 chunks each
Some water
1 Egg, beaten with a fork
  1. Preheat oven to 180C.
  2. Shred the chicken and discard bones.
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::little projects in style:: said...

ooo that's a brilliant idea! i've left the stove bubbling over a few too many times because im distracted running after the kiddo!!

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

little projects in style:
Oh yes! Bubbling pots and bumbling tots just don't go together!

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Thanks for sharing! Going to try this:).