Sponsor Shout-out: The Sunshine Kids

I have been looking forward to introduce A Dollop of Me's latest blog sponsor: The Sunshine Kids.

This online store features kids' clothing, bags, shoes and toys. They bring in collections from the US, UK and Asia, and aim to stay affordable for parents.

Bun was gifted this beautiful Garden of Eden dress for her 1st birthday. The colours are gorgeously vibrant.

Excitingly, the team at The Sunshine Kids is also currently working on their own kids' fashion label. I really look forward to seeing this when it is ready! 

Sign up for their newsletter here to get an $8 shop voucher
From now till 8 July, you can also use special discount code corsage15 to enjoy 15% off when you shop at The Sunshine Kids

I was shopping online quite a bit when cooped up at home because of the haze, and I thought there could be others like me who would appreciate an online shopping discount. Happy Shopping!


mummybean said...

Lovely dress! Thanks for the discount code!

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

It is a lovely dress, isn't it? Such a happy one. Hope you get a few good buys yourself :)