Singapore June Holidays 2013 - Lists of Things to Do with Kids

The month of June is here! In Singapore, this means there is a four-week break from school.

I know we will be doing lots of pretend play at home, cooking and baking, checking out playgrounds, reading, hanging out with little friends, and going for walks.

We have already decided to visit Gardens by the Bay's upcoming display,  Children's Season 2013 at the Museums, and Frozen Tundra at the Singapore Zoo (as Bubbles has taken an interest to Polar Bears). Besides these, we might also take the opportunity to go on a Singapore River Cruise with relatives that are coming for a holiday.

Do we hear someone shouting Hooray (that her sister has a school break)? :)

So, what else is there to do?

I was going to make a list of things to do, and then decided it was easier to find lists! If you are planning to get busy with your children, make it a fun kind of busy!

Here is a round up of lists to see you through. A number are the usual kids' programmes targeted at younger children, but a few ideas, like checking out neighbourhoods, are suitable for teens/young adults too. There are the inevitable overlaps in the lists, so grab a pen and record down what you are interested in as you look through these links!

Classes, Events & Shows
CheekieMonkies - Kids' Activities for June Holidays 2013
The Wacky Duo - June School Holidays activities for Kids Singapore 2013
Super Mommies & Daddies - June Holiday Camps, Workshops and Activities for Kids, Singapore 2013
Little Day Out - Guide to the June School Holidays in Singapore

Creative and (almost) Free
The Gingerbread Mum - 50 Things to do this June
Ingspirations - 35 Indoor Activities for Kids during School Holidays

Nature & Neighbourhoods
Celebrating Singapore's Biodiversity - Biodiversity for Kids during the June School Holidays
Singapore City Gallery - Walking Maps
Kranji Countryside - Kranji Heritage Trail
The Lonely Planet - 5 of Singapore's up-and-coming neighbourhoods

Know about a list that is not in this post? Do link up in the comments!


Unknown said...

Hello Corsage! Thanks for linking up! I'm looking forward to June :) Your first holiday with both girls!

Cheekiemonkies said...

Hi Corsage,

Thanks for the link-up! Have a great time with your family this school hols too! :)

- Kelvin

TWD said...

Hi Corsage

Thanks for the link. Have a great holiday ahead!

Ing said...

Hi Corsage, thanks for linking. Great collection of lists here! So much to do this June, it's wonderful! Have a great time with your little girls. :)

Unknown said...

Hi Corsage, Thank you so much for the link! Have a fantastic holiday!
Super Mommies & Daddies Blog

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