Gardens by the Bay - Flight of Fancy

We were invited by Gardens by the Bay recently to experience Flight of Fancy, the Gardens' new thematic floral display in its two conservatories. This is the first time that the Gardens' changing display has been extended beyond the Flower Dome to include the Cloud Forest.

My parents have annual passes to the Gardens, and have taken Bubbles there a couple of times, although Roboman and I have only been there once. We were looking forward to viewing the new display, and made it an extended family outing.

The theme focused on all things that take flight - from colourful hot air balloons, airplanes, kites, seeds that disperse by wind, and even bats. The place was dotted with snippets of flight related facts, and I found it interesting to find and read them. It was unsurprising that the eye-catching hot air balloons were our favourite - they lent a touch of whimsy to the lush gardens.


These pitcher plants caught our eye, as Bubbles pointed to them and asked "Whose shoes are those?" I suppose the one in the middle does look a lot like a boot!

I felt a little giddy when I was up on the bridge in the Cloud Forest. I wonder if I am intolerant of high altitudes? Nevertheless, I loved being all the way up there, especially when it was misty and mysterious. 

With the Singapore Flyer as a backdrop. Grand!

Like moths to a flame - attracted by lighted floral displays on the ground. 

Thank you, Gardens by the Bay for the invite!

Flight of Fancy is on till 21 July 2013.
From 1-28 June 2013, there is a 50% discount for Local Resident Child Tickets to the Flower Dome and Cloud Forest!

You can also check out the list of other events and activities happening at the Gardens here. For families with kids, Blow Wind Blow, GB Kids' Blast and curated Guided Tours for kids aged 4-9 stand out as educational and interesting activities to do!


mummybean said...

Hmm, I guess my earlier comment didn't register. Just wanted to say that I love your pics! The hot air balloons do indeed add a special touch! Looking forward to visiting :)

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

mummybean: Thank you! I managed to take more photos than I expected because we had four adults to two kids. Hope you enjoy your visit there too!