Coping in the Singapore Haze

News agencies around the world have reported on the terrible Haze that has hit Singapore, particularly in the past week, where the Pollution Standards Index (PSI) hit a life threatening 400 points. More worryingly, the PM2.5 readings have been excessively high for days. Our neighbours in Malaysia are also suffering.

Once the haze started creeping beyond a PSI of 200, I kept both my girls home, with windows and doors closed. It hasn't been a good June holidays for us, although we're grateful we got to visit the Gardens, and dine POLW before the haze descended.

There has been much doom and gloom, and complaints about the haze. Many of these comments are justified as it really feels like we were living in an ashtray, with real health implications. Thankfully, there has also been heartwarming stories of people helping people, like these from SG Haze Rescue.

Bubbles has been suffering quite a bit in this haze, despite being kept home. Her eczema has flared up badly, with new, raw patches. I shall spare you the details, but it has been difficult watching her suffer.

Still, I wanted to share these happy photos of us hanging out at home. We have a new easel, that I was looking to buy, and finally did - 50% off at a sale! Bubbles has been doing quite a bit of painting!

This is a flower she painted for me. She drew me too, can you see where I am?

And look who is here?

If you are currently experiencing the Haze either in Singapore or elsewhere, here are some things you can do to stay safe:

1. Stay indoors as much as possible. Keep windows and doors closed. Turn on air-conditioning if available, as it helps to filter the air. Get the air-con units cleaned and serviced.

2. Place wet towels along bottom of doors and window crevices to block out the haze.

3. Bonus if you can get your hands on air purifiers/sterilizer and/or aromatherapy oil diffusers. The latter helps to lessen the smokey smell. We managed to get our hands on a Novita air sterilizer from their e-store just before they sold out. We have been told more stock will be coming in. Friends have also been buying purifiers off Amazon.

4. Wear a mask if you really do need to go out. This website explains how to wear an N95 mask, and where you can get them. Do pass on any extra masks you have to others who need it. An N95 mask can be reused until it is dirtied or out of shape.

5. For young children too small to wear a mask, place a clean, damp towel over their nose and mouth for the short periods they are outdoors shuttling from one place to another.

6. Drink lots of water to stay hydrated, and moisturize your skin more often as this haze is very drying.

Stay safe and healthy, and look out for one another!

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