Bun's 1st Birthday - The Actual Day

Our Bun turned ONE last month.

She was a baby for too short a time! I feel I haven't quite processed this piece of information about her being a whole year old yet.

Our little darling, lively, energizer bunny. She is part sweet doll with her turned up hair, chubby cheeks and doleful eyes. But she is also a tough cookie - she has a loud voice and a strong grip, both which come as a surprise for most people witnessing it for the first time. Oh, and you should hear her do a deep lion's growl. It so funny hearing that gruff sound coming out from this sweet face!

On her actual birth day, we did our family tradition of blow-candle-eat-cake and opening of presents at home. It was a simple celebration that included Roboman and my immediate families.

Being more confident in the baking department now, I whipped up some Chocolate Cupcakes, tasked Bubbles to add sprinkles, and placed the cakes on a stand before popping on a candle. This is in contrast to Bubbles' 1st and 2nd birthdays, where her cakes were made by other people.

Bun was her usual curious self, and must have wondered what on earth was going on! We sang the Happy Birthday song in English and Mandarin, and also sang the "May the Good Lord bless you" version.

Her first ever taste of cake. Uh oh. She really liked it and asked for more!

Opening of presents, where her sister, the more experienced present-opener, helped...a lot!

After cake was eaten, and presents unwrapped, we headed out to Brussels Sprouts at  Quayside Isle for dinner. We chose this place because we were at another restaurant in the vicinity a week earlier, and Bun was so taken by the mini playground on the field right next to Brussels Sprouts.

She was so happy to be there, playing with ride-on toys made for little persons.


We all took turns to mind the kids when they played outside. Indoors, Bun ate her homemade dinner with relish, finishing it off with her favourite broccoli. The adults of course, had buckets of mussels and clams along with our individual main courses.

Our family's happy celebration with our dear Bun. With our closest and dearest.

Being a milestone birthday, we held a birthday party for her too, and I will write about that in my next post :)


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Bun! What a lovely celebration for a beautiful little girl!

lilsnooze said...

Blessed Birthday Bun!!

Lovely time with loved ones.

imp said...

what a big girl already! cool that you had also your mini celebration with just you four. :)

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

Thank you! It was a happy day for us :)

Thank you! Yes, just a meaningful family time together.

Yes, she is so not a baby anymore, right? It was not just us 4 though - the gramps and sibs were around too :)