Kitchen Exploits: Mother's Day Red Velvet Cake

I baked something beautiful over the weekend to commemorate Mother's Day. It was not for my mother however, who does not like sweet treats, but for a group celebration among close friends.

This, is a deliciously moist red velvet cake. I used this recipe by The Pleasure Monger, and am so happy that I did. My friends said it tasted like red velvet cake from a well-known bakery in town!

I have only eaten red velvet cake (and it was a cupcake) once ever in my life, and so I don't have a taste benchmark for how a good one should be. It was thus encouraging that the friends enjoyed it and likened it to good red velvet that they have eaten. 

I followed every step in the recipe except for two:

1. I didn't have Dr Oetker food colouring, so I used a teaspoon of what I had, and additional water to make up 40ml. The shade of red of my cake can be improved!

2. I forgot to add butter to the frosting (oops), hence the ugly crack after refrigeration. I bake in such a rush these days that I make mistakes like these more often than I should.

Despite these two changes, the cake turned out beautifully. I am tempted now to make it for Bun's 1st birthday, although it does seem a rather grown-up a cake for a baby's birthday, don't you think?

Do you like the little flags I made?


Yuling said...

Ahhh! Pleasure_monger's recipe is the same one I had! Was it very sweet? I usually half the amount of sugar from that book.

Qiu Xian said...

Looks really good!

Anonymous said...

The cake looks so nice, can?

It really does look like its from a big, fancy cake store!

fibrate said...

It looks great - if you didn't mention the crack I wouldn't even have noticed ;)

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

It was sweeter than I would have liked it to be, but then everyone else thought it was ok! I think she may have modified the recipe from the book though, so I don't know if the quantities are the same as the original!

Qiu Xian:
Thank you! :)

You are too sweet! Maybe not big fancy cake store but a small, little cafe in the middle of nowhere. hehe

The crack was huge though - you would have noticed in real life! :)

Ai Sakura said...

this is amazing!! I love red velvet but never made one from scratch before. Well done you :)

Ai @ Sakura Haruka

Lady J said...

Looks really good! Love the bunting! :)

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

Ai Sakura:
You should try it someday! It wasn't too difficult to do although I had to specially buy white wine vinegar to do this!

Lady J:
Thank you! I think flags and buntings go a long way in making things look festive and pretty :)

Anonymous said...

The bunting and crumbed heart are too cute! I am glad the recipe worked out. To answer your question, I actually halved the sugar in the icing but kept the sugar in the cake as per the original recipe. perhaps you could cut it down even more from the cake. Any less sugar in the icing would make for a melt-y one...