Kids' Art Easels

Bubbles now has her own little shadow (just as she was mine for a long time).

Bun has been exasperating her sister by trailing her everywhere she goes and copying everything she does.

Her latest favourite 'copy big sis' activity is to pretend to write/draw on an easel.  She does it with such gusto and intensity that it is really entertaining to watch, especially since she does this with the pen caps on.

We have this little plastic easel with a whiteboard, and Bun has pretty much claimed it for herself.

Since this easel is now too small and flimsy for Bubbles, we have decided that it is time to get her a bigger, sturdier one.

I actually quite like the easel from Ikea, but I would love to know if there are other good ones to consider.

Do your kids use the easel from Ikea? I know it is quite popular. Do they like it?

Or would anyone have other recommendations?

Yes Bun, soon you can have this little easel all to your little arty self!


mummybean said...

We have the Ikea easel. The kids love it! But Meips likes to draw on the wood frame instead of the board, so it's looking rather ugly now, cos it can't be cleaned. But it's so reasonably priced, I think I'll get another one later.

The Little Mom said...

I'm looking at the Ikea easel too. But I haven't manage to convince my husband to buy due to its size. So I'm also looking for other recommendations of decently priced easel.

Unknown said...

I have one that sits on the table but I can't remember where I bought it from. I found a picture of it here.

I feel like it takes up less space cos we also have a table for the kids.

liverella said...

It's cuteness overload! :))

Nic said...

ELC ones are $50 a pop when they are on sale. the plastic one though not the wood ones.

Sturdy and washable :D,default,pd.html

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

Haha, I can totally imagine that happening in our home too! Do the surface of the chalk and dry erase boards lend themselves well to writing (and erasing?)

The Little Mom:
Yes, I understand what you mean about size! But we've found that smaller ones mean less surface area to write and draw, which seems to be a problem =P

Jasmine Koh:
Thanks for sharing! Will consider this and look at the measurements.

Thanks! :) I love the one with her wearing a serious expression!

Thanks for sharing! Eeek, I think someone in our neighbourhood threw away one of these. I meant to get a closer look to see if there are defects, but it was gone by the time I got there!