Getting things done

Oh, hi!

Oh dear, it has been 2 weeks since I got my hands on a computer and written on this page. I do feel like a crap blogger these days! This year, it seems, has been a tough one as far as getting-things-done go. Especially things that require time away from my children.

In my plans were a number of projects blog-wise, that started promisingly with a mini makeover. I also wanted to experiment more in the Kitchen, and I did for quite a while until I had to consciously choose sleep to make up for an increasing sleep debt.

I have also been terrible at contributing towards the online community that used to be so much a part of my life. Jack-in-the-box behaviour - where I randomly pop in to make quick, almost desperate attempts to skim through blogs, forums, and FB groups/pages to catch up and leave a comment or two - seems to be all that is manageable these days. Most of these pop-ins are done on my smartphone while breastfeeding Bun and when Bubs is either in school or asleep.

We really hope Bun sleeps better soon (she averages 2 ultra mini naps a day, and sleeps 10.30pm-7.30am with 2-3 wakes a night) so that we have longer blocks of time to actually get things done! I have her 1st birthday celebration to plan for, a work project scheduled next month to prep, and a number of home projects to tackle. Her Paed reckons she is just one of those babies who has boundless energy and does not need as much sleep. She thinks that Bun will sleep better once she starts walking, and can be properly exhausted by bedtime!

Still, we are thankful to have experienced good portions of much-treasured family time. A recent stay-cation was a fantastic getaway, a refreshing pull out of the mundane. I hope to write more about it soon, and leave you now with a few photos:



Anonymous said...

I absolutely love the photos of your girl, she is so SO cute!!

And she sounds like my girl. 8 months today, 3 ultra mini naps (sometimes she naps for 5 mins not including nursing time! Can die.) sleeps at night maybe 830-930 and wakes up around 730-830. Every day! Zzzzzz. Quite like my 3YO whom can sleep less than my 5YO. I really wish they would ALL just sleep more!!!

bookjunkie said...

love your lil one's lilac outfit. She's such a cutie pie :)

Adeline said...

Bun is soooo adorable! Such nice, chubby cheeks.
I think the babies are all in cahoots to tire us out, coz Noah is exactly the same. Sleeps at 10plus, wakes up at 7plus, hardly naps... I really wish he would sleep more too!

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

Aww thanks! Re sleep, we need to tire them out more! But I guess we are too tired to do so. Haha. The irony!

It was a gift from lilsnooze! We love the outfit too and I'm glad it has lasted her for quite a while.

Hopefully they sleep more once we can properly tire them out when they start walking/runnin!

life-muse said...

My 8 month old doesn't like to sleep much either. It either a short nap of 30 mins to an hour in the mornings and if we're lucky, a 2 hour nap in the afternoon. I'm constantly amazed by his energy despite him not sleeping much!

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

Maybe he is like my Bun! They need to be properly tired out! Let's wait till they start walking, and hopefully it will be easier :)