Soul Food

It has been a while. Hours have been long, but days short, and weeks even shorter.

Deliberately, choices made have been made. People over things. Face-to-face interaction over virtual ones. One-on-one conversations over group hangouts.

Alone time with
the husband.
each child.

Time carved out with intention. To slow things down. To focus. To be centred. To make space to listen, to converse.

Time too, for important individuals in my life. Not all photographed. Still more, I have yet to meet. Slow it will be, a lesson I am learning, too used to multi-tasking and wanting things done fast.

Food, it seems, has been poured as an additional blessing through almost all these interactions. Nourishment for bellies and souls. Lovingly homemade, wisely money-made, and always shared.

And so, I have lived the last 2 weeks.

Choosing the slow over fast. Putting the brakes on where they matter.

What else do you do, to slow things down in a sometimes spinning world?


lilsnooze said... for the soul indeed. Not so much the food, but the relationships made and deepened over food.

What a gd reminder.

Ai Sakura said...

It's always a conscious struggle to make sure time is given to those things and people that matter. You have spent your time wisely. Thanks for the reminder too :)

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

I am sure you have your fair share of conversations over good food where you are! I see many yummy photos :)

Ai Sakura:
Yes, it is a constant struggle! We live in a world with too many distractions, and I guess I also have too many things I want to do :P I remind myself that this lack of personal time right now is really a phase, a phase that will pass all too quickly whether or not I spend the time to focus on the people who matter!