The Baby and a Facial

Bun has been keeping me up every.single.night.

She goes to bed at 8.30pm, and wakes up with a demanding cry at 2-hourly intervals all the way till 7-ish in the morning.

I open my eyes each day feeling like my quota of sleep has been snatched rudely from me. (Or a big fat headache, if you prefer the less poetic version).

But then, as always, I look at her happy morning smile, and somehow I get through the day.

I reckon it is partly my fault for not reinforcing habits for self-soothing. Mostly though, I do think it has got to do with her very active nature. She is one rambunctious little baby. Exploring is prioritized before milk and food, and she therefore pops awake several times at night to feed.

Non-stop, eh?
A parent at the playground recently commented, as he watched her tirelessly crawl up stairs and tumble around, avoiding the legs of older children. 

She keeps wriggling!
Another parent said, as she helped carry Bun while I climbed over a low wall to retrieve a ball tossed by Bubbles.

I think I'm going to take her to explore indoor playgrounds while her sister is at school in the mornings. After all, as I have discovered, most have free entry for under 1yos.

For my sanity, I got to let some of her energy be spent in places where she is less likely to eat twigs, bugs, or people's footwear. 

Oh, and where the many bumps and knocks she gets are a little more cushioned.

With this backdrop of extreme lack of sleep, and having to constantly keep up with an active baby, a complimentary Restorative Facial by Porcelain - The Face Spa was like my birthday came early.

I haven't had a facial in more than 6 years and felt like some restorative work was certainly in order. The thought of being being in a quiet, restful place, and to lie down uninterrupted for almost 2 hours really, really appealed to me. Even the me-time traveling to and fro was enticing.

The loves...

Porcelain's location along a distinctive row of shop houses, away from busy malls 
Ample parking within a walking distance
Clean, cool and quiet interiors
Ingredients used in this new (and not yet up on their website) treatment - safe for pregnant and nursing mothers
Personalized product selections
The head and shoulder massage!!
Therapists wear no make-up, upholding a good, natural skin philosophy

Thank you, Porcelain, for a lovely afternoon!


lyn lee said...

Totally feel you on the fact that even travelling there and back becomes precious (quiet) me-time!

imp said...

Hurrah! Corsage-time! So tat's where the clothes and bag waited for you...while the facial went on.

pc said...

love those pictures;). and of course, the "Me-time".

Anonymous said...

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Arnold said...

Thoughtful blog thanks for posting.