A Round-Up

March has always been a hectic month for us. First of all, it contains both mine and the man's birthdays, and our wedding anniversary.

It is also when there is a 1 week school holiday in Singapore - and for us, a large part of this last week was about helping my kids get over their fevers/flu. This meant staying indoors - no playground (poor kiddos, and me!) and lots of enforced rest.

This year, I agreed to take on a few work projects, and one happened to fall on my birthday last week. I managed to complete it plainly through divine intervention. I slept less than 2 hours the night before, with the girls feverish, and Bun waking up every 45 minutes from her discomfort. Still, I somehow managed to be present, to listen with intent, and to facilitate to help deepen the discussions. I really do love my chosen work-work outside of home, and this experience has proven it to me yet again. It was an intense day which allowed for only one milk pump at lunch time. A horrible case of blocked ducts resulted, but it was worth it.

When the girls got better, we did random things like take them to the beach after a dinner at home. Bun slept the entire journey there and back (home-car-stroller-car-home), and Bubbles was so excited at the sight of the sea and sand despite how we could not see much as it was so dark. We do need to plan another beach holiday, as she keeps reminiscing about our Krabi trip!

I haven't had any energy to either experiment or photograph new dishes for Kitchen Exploits, although I would like to try making these delicious-looking cheesy meatballs, and have to start learning to make a new cake for Bun's first birthday in mid-May - maybe something pretty pink like this.

In other news, three people told me in the past week that Bun looks like a doll :) Well, this little doll now clearly says Mama, Papa, Merc (milk), and Meow Meow (for cat, don't ask). She has started "walking" with a push walker, and has become somewhat of an expert at crawling up stairs. She waves enthusiastically at all babies, children and animals, and often adorably rests her little head on me as a loving gesture. There are six pearly whites in her small mouth, and I think two more are showing signs of wanting to peek out. Her favourite things to chew on are footwear, cardboard and her toothbrush (in that order).

Because of Bun's activeness and need for less sleep, I find her much harder to care for than Bubbles at this age. But...and I say this with a sigh...she really gets away with her bad sleeping and eating habits because she is so darn cute.

And so, my friends, I think April is coming up. Too quickly!


Adeline said...

Awww... Bun is so adorable! You're super-mummy, to have done so much. I'm struggling to stay afloat with just one kid!

mc said...

she does indeed look like a doll. what a cutie pie!

Corsage@A Dollop Of Me said...

No, no! I'm hardly a super-mummy! I used to look at mothers with more than 1 kid in awe too. But you know, you will survive (and thrive!) when the time comes to have more :)

Thank you :) She has been attracting quite a bit of attention these days!

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